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Last week I was chatting with a mom at church in the ladies room (of course, because the best conversations happen in the ladies room).  Her little girl is 3 and has just graduated from Nursery to Children’s Church.  That meant that she would now need to sit in “big church” for 20 minutes until she was released to go to Children’s Church.
drawing cases
Hmmm,” I thought to myself, “This little girl (and her mom) need a drawing case.”  So this drawing case is for her:

drawing case schoolhouse

It seems so long ago that my kids were that age, that I packed all kinds of things in a huge bag every time we left the house and packed 3 drawing cases for our trips to church.  As soon as the kids started getting antsy I passed out their drawing cases with one finger in front of my lips, reminding them to be quiet.  It’s been a long time since they’ve needed their drawing cases but some things don’t change.  Even last Sunday I was still leaning over to remind them to be quiet.

Will it ever end?” I ask myself, “No it will not,” I answer myself.

Can you guess which one is my favorite?  Yep, the dresses.  This case is going to another little girl from my 5 year-old class who just had a birthday.
drawing case dresses

And finally, this is the last one.  I have no plans for this one, but I’m sure in good time this drawing case will find a home.

drawing case trees


The Little Artist Drawing Case is part of my Small Books sewing pattern available in the shop.  The pattern does NOT include instructions for the little circle embellishments, but they were easy enough to figure out.

Softened Linen Quilt

I was online looking for closet storage solutions for my boys’ room, because with 3 boys sharing a room, storage needs must be addressed.  As usual, I got a little web ADD and found myself in the kid’s bedding section and came across this beautiful organic linen quilt.  So simple and so precious and certainly doable at less than $129, right?

Linen Quilt
2 yards of softened linen for the front, 2 yards of softened linen for the back, 1 1/3 yards batting.  Total cost for supplies: $45.

Linen Quilt
The thought of tying a quilt like this almost sent my carpel tunnel into a flare up so I opted for a decorative stitch randomly placed, every 6 inches or so.

Linen Quilt

This is why I love needle-punch batting.  I can tie it up to 10 inches apart without the possibility of it shredding apart inside with multiple washings.

Linen Quilt

The edges wrinkled up nicely, making this look like it had been used for generations.  The obvious time-saver here is that there was no piecing and no binding.  I “pillow-cased” it which is very doable with a tied quilt.

This soft baby quilt went to sweet Baby Collette, born just 2 weeks ago.  And, of course, I still haven’t purchased closet storage for the kids.

Dotty Dress

Love this dot fabric by Heather Bailey!  She is quite possibly my most favoritest fabric designer.

dotty dress 3

I used it for a baby quilt recently, but today I bring it to you on a dress, paired with another Heather Bailey print.

dotty dress

A simple A Line dress – no sleeves, of course, because I’m scared of sleeves.

dotty dress 2


This is McCalls 8108, which is apparently now discontinued.  I narrowed it down the center, fully lined it and added a bottom border, then ran around in a field with a bouquet of flowers like a young child.


Heather Bailey True Colors Mod Dots in Dove.
Heather Bailey True Colors Pop Blossom in Tourquoise

Sophie’s Ruffle Quilt

Sophie Ruffle 3

Ah, I love this quilt. If I had little elves that would appear after I went to bed and quilt for me I’d make a big one for myself. But alas – just me and my wimpy arms.  These arms are only barely capable of quilting baby quilts.


Sophie Ruffle 2


I’m a little late. Baby Sophie is already 1 month old.


Sophie Ruffle 1


Fabric – Front and Back:  Heather Bailey’s True Colors – Olive and Dove Dots

Fabric – Ruffle:  Heather Bailey Lottie Da – Olive

I monogrammed her initial on this quilt, then when it was all done I realized that I haven’t seen much monogramming around lately.  And then I realized that *gasp* it might not be cool anymore.  So tell me, please, is monogramming still cool?

Baby Bunting

Baby bunting for a baby shower.  We don’t know if it’s a girl or a boy so for now we just call him/her “baby”.  Can’t wait for this little one’s arrival!

Baby bunting

Cushions for a friend

We are gearing up for our annual trip to Taiwan this summer and I try to make as many gifts for our friends as I can.  My friend Jessie didn’t give me much to go on except that she didn’t want pink.  What?!  No pink?  Anyone who knows me knows that its hard for me to NOT use pink!  Pink goes with everything, doesn’t it?  Especially something for a girl.  I tried my bestest and made her a couple of small couch cushions.

Quilted Cushions

See, friend?  No pink.  ‘Mazing!

Building Blocks

My boys’ piano teacher is due in a few weeks.  This is their first baby.  Her husband loves Legos – so much so that they have a room in their house dedicated to his toys.  BUT the baby is coming and the little one needs a nursery so the Lego room is being converted the baby’s room.  Time to box those blocks up, Mister!

We love Legos over here as well.  I sometimes wonder if my boys will grow up and continue to love building things with overpriced plastic blocks.  I hope their wives will be as understanding as Mrs. Elizabeth is with her husband.

So what do you give a baby girl whose parents love Legos?  A Lego quilt, of course!  Legos are perfect for designing quilt blocks. Below is my quilt designed out of Duplo blocks.


  And the Duplo Quilt:

Duplo Quilt Please tell me that it looks like Duplo blocks!!!

I backed it with an Ikea sheet from a few years ago.

Duplo / Lego Quilt

I hope she likes it!

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