Really Big Sunbloom Couch Cushions


I know, I know, these cushions look REALLY big on the loveseat, but when you’re short like me you really need big, poofy cushions so that your feet can reach the coffee table and so that your legs can actually bend at the end of the seat. This is our green room – the living room with green couches and a newly painted gray-green walls. The cushions have to be colorful and these really did the trick. I got the Sunbloom when it was 25% off at the fabric store way back in December. They sold out of it and haven’t gotten anymore since. I got some of the pink cherry blossom fabric as well and can’t decide if a couple of small pink cushions would be completely out of place. But pink makes me happy, so I might just do it anyway.


I got this beautiful book in the mail today. This is my first Japanese craft book purchase EVER and after surfing far and wide, finally decided on this one about (what else?) purses! More inspiring pictures to come, but I’ve just spent WAY too long looking at all you crafty bloggers out there and I have a computer headache!____________________________________

Okay, I’ve had a chance to look through the book and it is beautiful. Not only that, but with my limited ability to read some characters like bottom, openning, handle, and pocket, I think I can figure out a bit of the pattern instructions that are all in Japanese! Yay! Here are a couple of picts: hopefully soon you’ll be seeing some of my reproductions.


Can anyone help me out? Where can I get the metal clasps that go on bags? Are they expensive? Are they easy to put on a bag? What are they called?

Beautiful, just beautiful! Could a bagaholic own a nicer book?

12 thoughts on “Really Big Sunbloom Couch Cushions

  1. I feel so special, I got to see the book in person tonight. 🙂 It had SO MANY cute bags in it. The one you pictured at the bottom is adorable!

    I really love those couch cushions Lindiepindie!!! I should make some fun cushions for my sofa…but then I would have to decide on fabric. Did you know that is VERY difficult for me? 🙂

    I had fun tonight!

  2. Your pillows look really nice. I like big pillows on the sofa, and I’m not even short.

    Your book looks like it is full of inspitation. I can’t wait to see what you make.

  3. Your pillows look great! I love big puffy pillows. Unfortunately the boys like to be a little too rough, so we’ve had to scale back how many pillow we have in the main living areas.

    And the purses are great — I’m certain that you’ll be posting a ton of your creations very soon (heh, too soon – you whip stuff up like no one’s business!).

  4. I love the pillows! You are so good to go for a Japanese book. We have a quilt store here that sells them and I’m too chicken. I can’t wait to see what you do.

  5. you’ll have crafting delight with that book, and more importantly you’ve got lovely big soft cushions to use as a pillow when your laying on the setee reading it.

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