Ten Simple Pleasures

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Walking in the woods in Spring


A napping toddler


A finished pink bag

Singing a duet with my son

A Kindergarten curriculum (complete with butterfly garden and ant farm), decided upon, ordered and on it’s way to my home. Sorry, no picture.




Little kisses


New fabric – washed, ironed, and ready to cut


Looking for turtles in the pond




14 thoughts on “Ten Simple Pleasures

  1. Love that pink bag. Let’s see a few favorite things:
    Playing with my dogs on a sunny spring day.
    Warm cookies right from the oven.
    A big box of buttons.
    That first cup of coffe in the morning.
    Getting to know new friends!

  2. Those are all wonderful pics, and such nice pleasures. Mine would have been ten different ways to be away from my kids! hahahahahaha, no, but those are sweet pleasures.

    I can’t listen to the audio, cause everyone is still sleeping. But I will. And it is not wrong to give that gorgeous bag to a sweet little girl!!! It would be more tragic to have sit and collect dust.

  3. Oh I love it all. I’m going to try to do mine but who knows I may never get there. I love the singing and that bag is to die for. Pink pink pink! yeah.

  4. Once upon a time (only a couple of years ago, but it feels like once upon a time) I also had three littlies under 4. Actually, when number 3 was born they were 3 under 3 … hectic days! They’re all at school now. I miss their little selves, but maybe not the busy madness.

  5. What a fun post. I love the pink fabrics – beautiful. I have started making purses for fun. What do you use to stiffen them? Interfacing or batting? And do you attach (sew or iron) it to the inside or the outside??
    I am making purses for my mom and mom-in-law for mom’s day and was hoping for some tips to improve on my current method. Thanks.

  6. What sweet pleasures and beautiful pictures. Mine would include morning snuggles with the girls, the first cup of coffee, hiking in the mountains, a new magazine, sitting by the waters edge at the ocean- all by myself(not a simple pleasure now that we live in Texas! used to be), a phone call from a good friend, a glass of white wine, a walk on a cool day, the sunset, laughing so hard it hurts. I sure enjoyed this post.

  7. Everytime I ironed or folded something this week, I thought of this post…only I couldn’t remember where I’d seen it. LOL I’m so glad I made it back through tonight.

  8. I just bought that same curriculum for my son! Hi, I’m Ruth and I came across your blog sort of randomly. I love all your purses and bags, and I’ve enjoyed browsing through your blog.

  9. I used MFW kindergarten with my older 2 girls. We loved it. They’re in the 7th and 6th grade now and we’re doing MFW 1850-exploration and having a blast. Enjoy. Love the pink bag too.

    • Not sure why this post re-published. It was from 2006. My 2 older boys are now in 4th and my youngest is in 2nd. We are still HUGE fans of My Father’s World. I can’t say enough good things about it. It turned out to be the perfect fit for me as a teacher and a wonderful experience for the boys!

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