Oh My Itching Back and Stupid Thoughts

I went to the allergist today.  It was long overdue.  After we moved to Texas, I developed some seasonal allergies, then I started having symptoms all year.  I’ve tried soooo many allergy medicines – some knock me out, some make me so alert I can’t sleep, and this last one I was on made me so nauseated I actually thought I might be pregnant!  Yikes! False alarm.

At the allergist I was tested for 64 allergens – whew!  It was soooo hard to keep from scratching my back waiting for the 20-minute timer to go off.  Well, it turns out I am significantly allergic to 34 things including dust mites, cats, and a mix of 31 grasses, weeds, and trees.  THIRTY FOUR!!!  How did I go from having zero allergies to being allergic to 34 in just a few years?  And cats?  I love cats, even though we don’t have one.  (Well, we couldn’t get one because hubby is allergic.)  And now here I am – 7 hours and a Zyrtec later and my back is still all red and itchy.  I had hubby take a picture of it to post here, but it’s just too gross and I’m sure you all would rather not see that!


So as you can tell by now, this isn’t going to be much of a crafty post – mostly just things that have been on my mind.

I’m afraid that homeschooling is going to reveal how stupid I really am.  I have gone to years, I mean, YEARS of schooling and did alright.  Before the kiddos came along, I worked in a school as an occupational therapist, and have felt pretty confident about my abilities to teach our children.  But just last week, I realized that there was something in my son’s Kindergarten lessons that I just didn’t know!  And I’m wondering if I’m the only one…or if anyone has any knowledge on this area that they can share with me.

We brought our little butterfly garden to a friend’s home and got some caterpillars to raise until they became butterflies.  I was a bit nervous after picking them up that I might somehow kill them, but I brought them home anyway, knowing that they would most likely take care of themselves.  I told the boys that it was just like the caterpillar in The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  After a few days, they would make cocoons and then in a few weeks, they’d become butterflies and we could set the free!  Well, here’s where the stupid part comes in.  Apparently these butterflies don’t spin cocoons.  In the span of about 60 seconds, they just sorta mutate into a chrysalis.  We saw one caterpillar’s spines slip off of his body and he immediately looked like a chrysalis.  It’s an amazing thing to see – at least to this city girl.  It’s taken days to deprogram the boys – they are still calling them cocoons.  How could The Very Hungry Caterpillar mislead me like that?

Well, Zyrtec makes me tired so I’m off to bed.  Maybe something creative and crafty will make it’s appearance later in the week.  Em loved her gift last night.  Thank you all for your kind comments. 

13 thoughts on “Oh My Itching Back and Stupid Thoughts

  1. I am sorry you are allergic to cats Lindipindie! I am too, and it is so very inconvienent! I have a hard time visiting with many friends because they have cats and over the past few years the allergy has just become worse and worse! I hate it most, because it makes other people feel bad, they constantly apologize for their pet…I love cats too, but not my body obviously. I tell everyone I used to sleep with kittens under my neck for crying out loud and now I can’t touch them at all!

    I blame Eric Carle for OUR ignorance of how some caterpillars transform into a chrysalis! We should really let him know what he is doing to the millions of schoolchildren out there!! I mean, we can’t let him get away with it anymore! 🙂 I KNOW that you will do just fine homeschooling Lindipindie, I am not at all worried about your boys education!

    You are sweet!

  2. I feel your pain. I, too, have developed allergies in the last few years. Not fun. Our little girl has had them the worst. She will develop huge itching hives in a matter of seconds from some unknown substance. One medecine that we have found to be very effective is actually a med used for heartburn, called cimitidine. (I think I spelled that right) The dermatoligist prescribed it when her outbreaks would not go away from zyrtec alone. You can get it over the counter and she takes it with the zyrtec every day. It has cleared it up and kept them away for about 6 months. Obviously, check with your doctor. This comment is getting too long so email me if you have any questions.

  3. Your body goes through a ton of changes once you have children. I’ve always had allergies, but since having children I am now a full blown asthmatic. Call in Singulair and Advair daily. It is horrible. I am now allergic to my dog that I’ve had for 9 years. Just waiting for her to expire, so no more dogs. I hope that you get the remedy you need to live without allergy symptoms. Good luck and speedy health.

  4. Poor you! I’ve actually had the opposite happen – when I was younger I had terrible seasonal allergies, but they seem to have disappeared. Weird, but I’m not complaining. I think pregnancy was the culprit in my case. I hope that you find some relief. Allergy medications always knock me out, whether they’re non-drowsy or not.
    I wouldn’t worry about the homeschooling – you’re definitely NOT stupid. I find that terminology has changed somewhat since we were kids. I’m sure you’ll figure out.

  5. Allergies are a nightmare. What I was tested at the hospital I had all these things put on my back, then covered with a huge dressing, and I had to keep it on for 24hours. It was so itchy. I really wanted to pull it of after a few minutes.

    I would be so rubbbish at homeschooling. The trouble with me I start everything off really enthusiastically, but the I’m so inconsistant in all I do after a few weeks. Good on you for the homeschooling.

  6. That is a lot of itching! Can you put some benadryl cream on the spots? That stuff is wonderful for my grass allergy… I get insanely itchy when grass comes in contact with my skin.

    I don’t think you should feel bad about the caterpillar thing. Many things aren’t common knowledge. Think of it as a learning experience for both you and the boys.

  7. Allergies are yucky. When I had my big tests ran in the fall, my back was really bad too (the doctor said it was probably more painful than getting a tattoo). Yuck-o.

    Zyrtec doesn’t work on me, but it works on my boys. I use a double-dose of allergra and even then it doesn’t control all my allergies.

    I think part of the fun of homeschooling is learning all that stuff all over again. Don’t worry about not knowing it now, learn with them as you go. And then when they ask a question and you don’t know the answer, tell them you don’t know and you’ll find out. It will teach them to ask questions AND search for the answers as well.

  8. In the past couple of years my allergies actually went away! When I got tested last year I wasn’t reactive to anything.

    I’d be terrible at home schooling also. Just yesterday my sister was asking me in which battle Santa Ana was captured! How do I know? Junior high Texas history was 20 years ago!

  9. Boo sucks to allergies. My middle child has been riddled with them, though she is improving. Zyrtec is the only medicine she can stand, the rest turn her into a little monster!

  10. Let’s see where to start. One my husband has the exact same problems with allergies. I understand your discomfort. His back right now looks like he has a bad case of acne or chicken pox.

    On the homeschooling front. I have been homeschooling my children for 10 years. I was grinning from ear to ear reading what you wrote. Why, because I have been there, am there, and will be there tomorrow. You have to get yourself in the mindset that you are learning together. The caterpillar thing is a great opportunity. Homeschooling is not about knowing it all already, it’s about teaching your children how to find out things they don’t know. To spark in them to interest in learning and then teach them (mostly by example) how to find out things they want and need to know. I would tell the boys that this wasn’t the same type of caterpillar and now we needed to research how you tell caterpillars apart. How you tell which ones spin and which ones make a chrysalis. Then you go to the library and research together. Go on the internet and research together. Get them to draw pictures of what they find out. If they are old enough get them to write a paragraph on the different types. If it sparks their interest get them to do other projects, maybe write their own story like “The Hungery Caterpillar” but with a caterpillar that doesn’t spin a cocoon. Make it fun for both you and the children. I have learnt more homeschooling my children than I ever learned in school and I graduated in the top 10% of my class and went to U.Va. and Va. Tech. You can do this. It’s really not as hard or as intimidating as it seems. I am cheering you on!

  11. So sorry to hear about your allergies..but hubby says adult onset allergies are more and more common now, partly due to all the anti-bacterial cleansers available (I guess the body needs a few germies to resist).

    Wow!!! Talk about a small world…in my pre-kiddies stage I was a school-based (and preschool and infant) occupational therapist! Let’s hear it for OT’s!

    I hope you feel better soon and best wishes for the homeschooling!

  12. first time visitor, love the cherry print.

    just wanted to tell you about my brother. his wife finally made him get the allergy test. the nurse applied the board, removed it and said, “just relax and I’ll be back in … OH MY GOD”.
    In less than twenty seconds, my brother’s back was swelling with welts ALL over. the nurse said she never saw so many positives and so quickly. my bro is basically screwed.

    another brother developed a potentially fatal nut allergy in his forties.

    i’ve made it a half century without any allergies; i’m crossing my fingers

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