Yes, I’m a Black Sharpie Mom

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

Has anyone else read this book?  My real-life friend, Angela, lent it to me and since I try to spend every spare moment crafting, it’s taken me a while to find the time to read it.  This afternoon I had a headache that was increasing in intensity so during the kid’s nap/quiet time, I made up some strong coffee and read this book cover to cover.  A fun book that took my mind off of my headache for a while.  It’s nearly 200 pages, but large print, large spaces, and several pictures make it what I would call a quick read.  I’m not a fast reader, but it took me about an hour.  I still have a headache (the coffee didn’t work) but I thought I’d post a quick plug for this fun book.

Edward Tulane is a bunny – a china bunny who is owned by a little girl.  She loves him, but he is selfish and feels no emotion. Through a series of events, he learns to feel.  He feels fear, sadness, and finally, love.  This simple story moved me.  I enjoy writing, and wish I had the ability to write a story like this – full of description and able to pull the reader into the emotions of something as inanimate as a toy bunny.  I’d like to get a copy of this book for myself to read outloud to my kids one day – maybe when they are older – I’m guessing around 8?  To warn the more conservative of you out there, there is a small story within this story that mentions a witch.  And since I’m into editing out things I don’t want my kids to think too much about in their young brains, I might change the word “witch” to “mean old lady” or something like that.  More on my editing antics below.

There’s even a picture that makes me want to get a bunny and make him a shirt by cutting off the toes of a sock and making little arm holes for him.  His pants are made out of handkerchiefs.

So yes, I am a black sharpie mom.  I know from reading other’s blogs that I am not the only one out there.  One example of why I edit books (don’t beat me up about this, please) is from a book that I had growing up.  I recently got it for my kids because I remember really liking this book when I was young.  It’s called Tiki Tiki Tembo and on the first read through with the boys, I was really surprised by the book. I remembered this fun story and when I read it now, all I can see is the favoritism for the oldest son and how it pushes misconceptions about Chinese people. I am half Chinese and speak Mandarin and let me just say that most of the sounds in the boy’s name (Tiki Tiki Tembo No Sa Rembo Cheri Beri Richi Pip Peri Pembo) sound more English than Chinese. *sigh* Needless to say, I went through the book with my black Sharpie and edited. Now, the story is just about a family (not necessarily a Chinese family) and the little boy’s name means “little” instead of “nothing”.


I wrote this post earlier today.  I am very grateful for migraine drugs.  I took one an hour ago and although I’m a bit restless, my migraine is gone.  GONE!  YAY!  Have a good weekend, everyone!

12 thoughts on “Yes, I’m a Black Sharpie Mom

  1. I am going to check the bunny book out of the library and try it for our next read aloud. Thanks for the heads up though. I always change words when I am reading aloud. I never thought about a black sharpie, but since you have enlightened me include me I will now be a black sharpie Mom. I check all their library books for content before I let them come home.

  2. Oh, I so totally loved this book. It was just haunting and gorgeous and sad and beautiful. I’m not a black sharpie mom – I’m more of a “just-put-the-book-away” mom, but I do see where it would have it’s merits.

  3. I’ve never heard of that book before, I’ll see if I can find it in here England. I get very annoyed with the politically incorretness of the advertising here… Italians are always portraid in the kitchen, eating pasta or pizzas, totally unable to speak without an accent and if they’re not cooking they’re in the orchard picking olives! Not to mention the icecream stuff… Really, I hate stereotypes of any kind.

    Regarding your headaches… coffee is REALLY bad for headaches!!! you should stay away from bright lights, coffee, tea, cheese, chocolate and other sweet stuff. My doctor – I suffer from bad migraines – told me to keep off all the above, drink lots of water and eat fruit and vegetables. It has helped doing that. Worth a try?

  4. Migraine drugs are worth every penny! They are a miracle in pill form… I love it when my headaches just suddenly melt away, it’s amazing. I’m glad you got relief from yours!

    I’m also glad you wrote about Tiki Tiki Tembo and your modifications because this book kind of bothered me too. I think I will make similar changes to the story because the way you edited it is so much better.

  5. I’m sooo glad you loved the book as much as my students and I did. I truly believe that it will be a childrens’ classic some day! I think your boys will love it too!

  6. I don’t blame you for editing the Tiki Tiki Tembo book. I have a lot of issues with how people use language and how it should be done (like during that visit to my in-laws one year when I was pregnant with Griffin… my MIL keep saying I was worthless — her idea of being funny since I had to take so many naps; I found it to be extremely rude and horrible, it made me cry a lot and has caused me not to want her to be able to subject the boys to such behavior).

    It’s your job as a parent to decide what is appropriate for your kids. And good for you for doing so.

  7. I’m reading The Velveteen Rabbit – much shorter, but also sweet!

    Migraines – if you are interested …. my girls had these. We
    discovered an herb. FEVERFEW – they take 2-4 and a couple of
    ibuprophen. The headache goes completely away – no eyesight
    problems, no throwing up! And best of all? No side effects. None.
    After a year of heading-off every headache? They all 3 have
    completely STOPPED getting migraines! (Except under extreme
    stress – i.e. drivers ed. :o)

    Feverfew – it’s a miracle!

    (Oh! BTW- I had to edit Dr. Dolittle!!!! EGADS!)

  8. Just caught up on your blog……whew……I was way behind. Your lovely bags got many comments in Colorado. Glad you enjoyed a good book….that’s one of my greatest pleasures! I hope to catch up with you soon.

  9. I love your blog. While I am an avid crafter, I dont blog about it …but you have inspired me to give it a shot. Now if I could just get it all together, well maybe soon. Until then I will remain an avid fan and when I do start my own craft blog, I plan on logging in even more often to your fabulous blog!

  10. I have read that book.
    I agree with you, it is a wonderful
    book. I am helping a student who is doing
    an author study on Kate DiCamillo, the author of the book. She had to read 2 books by Kate DiCamillo and learn all about the author as well. I was looking for a picture from the book that she needed and I strolled here somehow! I love the book and so did my student! If you are reading this I would definately recomend reading the book. Its an easy and quite entertaining tale. It took me about 1 hour and 1/2 to read, and I skipped right through it.
    I would also recomend the Mercy Watson series and the Tiger Rising, even if your an adult reading a kids book, all by Kate DiCamillo are quite enjoyable. 🙂


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