104 Things About Me

1. I was a third child.

2. I have three children.

3. All three are boys.

4. I used to feel sorry for women who only had boys.

5. Now I am one of them.

6. I named my boys based on the meanings of their names.

7. My first son’s name means “Honoring God”.

8. My second son’s name means “God saves”.

9. My third son’s name means “Gift of God”.

10. People always ask me if we are going to try for a girl.

11. I don’t really find it a rude question.

12. I always tell them that we are done and my uterus is closed.


13. I have a bachelor’s degree

14. in Physical Education.

15. I have a master’s degree

16. in Occupational Therapy.

17. I went to total of 19 years of schooling (not counting Kindergarten).

18. to work as an occupational therapist for 2 years.

19. Now I’m a Mom.

20. I’ve been a mom for 5 years.


21. I am a Christian.

22. I am a sinner.

23. I hope and pray that my life brings glory to God

24. and that people don’t see all the hypocrisy.


25. I love my hubby.

26. He challenges me to grow rather than let me wallow in my problems.

27. He challenges my faith.

28. We laugh a lot together.

29. He is God’s greatest gift to me.


30. I am half Chinese.

31. I grew up in Taiwan.

32. I am bilingual.

33. I miss living in Asia.

34. I wish my kids could grow up the way that I did.

35. Sometimes I wonder if people make assumptions about me because I am Asian.

36. When people treat me rudely, I wonder if it is because I’m am Asian.

37. When my husband and I got engaged, we were going to different schools.

38. My classmates had not met him before.

39. The first question they asked after we got engaged was, “Is he Chinese?”

40. I think that’s a stupid question.

41. My answer was always the same, “No.  He’s a whitie, like you.”

42. My hubby says it’s things like that that make people uncomfortable around me.

43. I guess I don’t mind that so much.


44. I found out in my twenties that I had high cholesterol.

45. I decided bombarding my body with fiber would be the best thing for my body.

46. I started eating All Bran everyday for breakfast.

47. My cholesterol came down almost 90 points.

48. I still eat All Bran Bran Buds everyday.

49. I eat it with Dannon La Creme vanilla yogurt.

50. It tastes so good this way.

51. After college, I worked for a year as a gymnastics coach

52. in Taiwan.

53. That was a really fun year.

54. Half of my students were Japanese.

55. I learned to coach gymnastics in Japanese.

56. When I coached, I would work out with the kids.

57. That was the most fit I’ve ever been in my life.

58. I had a 6-pack on my stomach.

59. I have come to accept that I will never have a 6-pack again.


60. When I went back to school, I gained some weight.

61. I was paranoid about being fat.

62. I cut my fat intake way down and was hungry all the time.

63. I had issues with food – nothing extreme, though.

64. It wasn’t until I got pregnant and had kids that the issues resolved.

65. I now eat red meat.

66. I drink 2% milk.

67. I’m a much happier eater now.

68. I actually feel full after a meal.

69. and hungry before a meal.


70. My parents were missionaries in Taiwan.

71. I am an American citizen.

72. We spoke English at home and at school.

73. When I came to the US for college people asked me how I spoke English so well.

74. People asked me what my real name was, since my name sounds so American.

75. Those are weird questions.


76. My dad cooked for us when I was growing up.

77. He always packed the fridge and freezer full of stuff.

78. My clean freezer is a reaction to growing up like that.


79. I am missing vertebra in my back.

 80. I am shorter than my siblings.

81. I blame my missing vertebra for my shortness.

82. I have back pain.

83. I get migraines.

84. I have mild rosacea.

85. I have bad allergies.

86. I have painful varicose veins.

87. If I don’t wear good shoes, I have heel pain.

88. When a new doctor used to ask if I was in generally good health, I used to say “yes”.

89. Now, I’m not sure what to say.

90. Physical ailments make me feel old.

91. I have to get up in the middle of the night to go potty.

92. That makes me feel even older.

93. I’m getting more and more gray hairs.

94. That makes me feel even  more old.

95. One perk of getting gray is that my normally flat hair now has more body.


96. I don’t like my nails long.

97. I used to like my nails long.

98. One day after my first son was born, I ate something juicy, licked my fingers and

99. tasted diaper ointment.

100. No more long nails for me.


101. I thought that coming up with a list of things about myself was going to be hard.

102. It really didn’t take me that long.

103. Just 5 months.

104. Just kidding.

19 thoughts on “104 Things About Me

  1. Okay, the diaper ointment CRACKED ME UP!!! And then GROSSED ME OUT!

    And when people ask me stupid questions I give them answers like you do. Must be the reason I make people uncomfortable!!!!

  2. People love stereotypes because they’re lazy. If they don’t use them or referr to them they would have to think for themselves and that takes effort! Right?

    I’m Italian and for a while at work people thought it funny calling me a wop. It wasn’t. So I told them that in Italy English people have the reputation of being dirty and unhygienic and they stopped.

    I like the list. I might do one too!

    And three boys are fantastic. It’s a special club we’re both member of. Or is it an asylum?

  3. I enjoyed reading your list and getting to know a little more about you. You forgot to add that you are a super talented seamstress and a bagaholic.

  4. People do ask the oddest questions sometimes.

    I get a lot of “what are you?”s — my dad is native hawaiian and portuguese and my mom was german. Everyone always says I look white, but exotic.


    I love your list — I’ve been meaning to do one myself for quite a while now. Perhaps I’ll start working on one soon.

    And are you trying to tell me it’s not normal to get up and go potty in the middle of the night? Before I broke my foot I was going potty at least once night, typically more. But it might be due to my bladder not being in its proper place.

  5. I’m so glad that you took time out to do that list, it’s so good to know more about each other as we tap away at our computer, making friends yet still not knowing much about each other.

    I have always imagined that you have short hair and a huge smile. Am I right?

  6. Hello! Thanks for the comment about my sushi purse! I enjoyed looking at your blog! What is it with mothers of only males who are so creative?? Have you noticed this trend? (I have 2 boys) I also homeschool, and am a Christian (which I hope is obvious from my blog). Come by again…

  7. I loved this! When I read this yesterday (I can’t comment from my laptop), I laughed out loud a couple of times. Especially at the diaper ointment under your nail!

    Thanks for the laughs and it was great getting to “know” you better!

  8. Very fun to read!!….although I see you regularly, I don’t really know you that well……I learned many new things. Your writing is funny, transparent and refreshing. I consider myself blessed to have you for a friend. I sure love the updates to your house and we enjoyed our afternoon drop in very much. I agree that a house is an extension of yourself. With the exception of toilet paper and things of that nature, everything in our home is a part of our family history and our story……not much of value$$$, but rich in memories and life experiences. I think that’s what I love about decorating; it’s more than just knick-knacks cluttering the shelves. Thanks for the fun reading!

  9. Oh I just adore bran cereal and I also have to accept the fact that I’ve never had a 6 pack and I never will. Thanks for the list-It’s fun getting to know you better.

  10. this was fun to read…
    I like the way you approached it.
    my aunt and uncle were also missionaries to Taiwan….
    years ago….
    gray hairs are better than no hairs.
    I’m cutting my nails.
    I have high cholestrol, too.
    I will consider the bran buds.
    what is a six pack, pray tell..?
    just kidding.
    mine are buried.

  11. Hi Craft Apple Girl!

    You have great humor!! I also have 3 boys, and one girl.. Love also the meaning of their names. One of them has also the meaning ‘gift of God’! Probably we have the same taste, although I live far away from you in the Netherlands…

    With love, Manon.

  12. OH MY GOD that was HILARIOUS!!

    I was totally hooked by your comments, and read till the end, you are a riot!!

    Thank you for the smiles and sunshine 🙂

  13. when I read today that your kids have a Chinese teacher I read backwards in your blog to try to find out why. This was a cute post. “Linda” was the middle name I gave myself in 2nd grade, but I could never get my family to call me that instead of my real name, which along with being Chinese in an area where there were no Asians was almost more than a little kid could bear.

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