Little Girl Quilt

I’ve done 3 craft shows in the past 2 years with what I’d call minimal success.  The most fun part about craft shows is talking to customers and to other crafters.  In preparing for a craft show last Christmas, I made a bunch of baby quilts.  I sold ONE.  Yeah – one.  At a discount.  To a friend.  My “hottest-selling” items were fabric fused cards, but even they weren’t flying off of the shelves.  Craft shows are HARD.  Most of the crafters out there would agree with me, I think.  Especially with crafters who like myself create the product by hand from start to finish.  There were a lot of booths selling embellished items – pre-made denim bags with fabric and feathers fused to them.  I’m not saying this is wrong, but it’s hard for people like me to compete.

So my point in bringing all that up was that I had a bunch of baby quilts left over that I thought, “What am I going to do with these?”  Well, it’s August, and I’ve finally given away my last one.   


I look at this quilt, and while I like the design still, there are things that I would do differently today if I were to make it again.  Weird that in less than a year, I feel like I’ve learned so much.  I think I would quilt it differently, maybe greater spaces between the lines and maybe mitre the corners.  This quilt went to our neighbors who had twins.  The little boy got a not-so-exciting flannel blanket.  I had originally intended to finish the courthouse block quilt for the little girl and when that didn’t happen in time, I decided to give them the dress quilt.

BUT tonight, the courthouse block quilt TOP is finished!  I’ve taken a picture of the back – just a peak.  You all take such beautiful pictures that maybe posting the back will keep me humble.


I think the back is almost as pretty as the front.  I love how all the seams come together at 90-degree angles, with just a few wild threads springing up here and there.  I really like 90-degree angles.  They’re square and predictable.  I like that, especially since I hang out with unpredictable little people all day.

15 thoughts on “Little Girl Quilt

  1. I love the quilt with the little dress on it! Very cute!

    I have tossed around the idea of a craft show but I think I would have to make about 50 handbags, at least. Now, that could be a really good money maker but it could also be a huge bust!

    We have 2 very heavily attended shows here in the summer and this year I noticed that no one sold handbags. My daughter and I have talked about doing a booth together. She would probably make stenciled t-shirts and totebags. i am still not sure, but I am leaning more towards taking a chance on it! If I do I will probably start sewing for it in February because the 1st show is in May for Blossom Weekend.

  2. so hard – my MIL quilts a lot, but says it’s just not worth it to sell them. when you add the cost of the fabric and your time – you’d have to charge more than people would pay. i think that that’s the clincher – if you’re selling at a place where people would be willing to pay what a handmade item is worth.
    that’s why i make gifts!
    p.s. – love the quilt. very cute.

  3. I agree, I often get people in the shop wanting to buy a quilt but when I tell them how much I would sell them for they are very surprised. It just isn’t worth selling them when you add up the total cost. I receive much pleasure giving them away for gifts,
    Love the court house steps quilt, the Back looks very nice.
    Have a good weekend

  4. Love the quilt with the little dress in the middle. What a fun idea. My sister in law is pregnant with twins due early next year and you’ve inspired me to make quilts for them!

  5. Ugh. I have had the WORST luck with craft shows. The best one in recent years was a home party last Christmas. My philosophy: I only made things that I wanted specifically to gift to others if it didn’t sell. I also didn’t buy many new materials. [Funny, I was still able to make quite a few items!] Not a huge money-maker, but much less disappointing.

    Girl, that courthouse steps pattern looks like it takes a lot of work! I can’t wait to see the front, because the back looks very promising.

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Beautiful work, as usual. I think the design of the first one is so clever.

    I’m scared of craft shows, but then I’ve never done one or gone to many. The ones I’ve seen have been full of junk, mostly cheapo crap that vendors are selling. That isn’t what I call a craft! I don’t think it would be worth my time.

  7. I think the craft shows are so hit and miss because most people don’t appreciate truly handcrafted items. I love the dress quilt, btw.

    And predictibility in quilts? Hmmm, I think I’m the same way… I like it when things go together precisely. It does compensate for some of the chaos.

  8. I love the quilt! It is very pretty. I love the stripe border & the colors.

    My aunt and uncle make fountains out of pottery and always come up our way for the craft shows. I know it’s hard for them and sometimes they do really well and other times not at all, with no rhyme or reason. Plus, the fountains are HEAVY! I don’t envy them having to set up and tear down those shows.

  9. I put some of my items in the member’s boutique at our quilt guild’s annual show last February. I knew it would be a tough crowd because the general visitor to a quilt show likes to say ‘I can make that.’

    I sold a few of my notepads and none of my zippered pouches. Of course, I thought it would be the complete opposite. Since it was a shared boutique I got to see what did sell. $1 notecards, 2 for a $1 magnets, small patchwork tote purses priced at $15. The prior year I was told potholders sold really well whereas not many sold this past year.

    I’m going to participate again this year. I’m already thinking more about my audience and trying to come up with designs that will appeal to quilt show attendees. I’m thinking water bottle carriers and pin cushions. I’m realistic about he financial aspect, ie I won’t make a lot or necessarily sell what I make. It’s a way to continue moving forward towards my goal of somehow making money with something I love. I’m not sure where it will lead and I’m positive I will not find my livelihood in the craft show circuit but sometimes little steps lead you places you hadn’t thought of before. Good luck!

  10. “unpredictable little people!!” ha ha ha! I’m right there with ya!

    I think your dress quilt is darling. It’s funny how critical we can be of our own creations. I’m sure your neighbor loved it.

    I have not attempted quilting yet. It’s one thing I plan to learn. I am in awe that you have completed so many.

  11. You are just so generous!! That quilt is so sweet. Oh and I know what you mean about unpredictable. Before kids I was very anal, now I ‘ve tried to let go -it’s just not possible.

  12. I do one to two craft shows each year and yes they are hard! Besides the compitetion with not made by hand things, you have to deal with people who want something for nothing. I love the quilt with the dress in the middle. It would look great with mitered corners.

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