Mutant Notebooks and a Blankie

This weekend I got to play dress up with a few composition notebooks.  I bought 10 of these ugly little notebooks at 35 cents a piece.  I measured and remeasured and drew up my pattern and started cutting.  I was more pleased with the second one (below), but when I went to put it on another notebook, it wouldn’t fit!  Who knew that out of 10 notebooks, I chose the one mutant to make my pattern off of.  It is 1/4 inch shorter than the other nine.  *sigh*  Does this only happen to me?  Now I have 2 too small notebook covers that fit the same notebook. Grrrrr.


Inspiration for these came from all over, but most recently from Cindi.  And finally, a recently finished baby blanket for a boy:  baby blue chenille and a fire-truck flannel print.


20 thoughts on “Mutant Notebooks and a Blankie

  1. no, no, your pattern problem happens to me, too – actually, i’m surprised it didn’t…no wait! i did have some funky problems with the bag i’m making tonight! i’ve been cheating and not fusing my applique first, too – fusing helps a ton, i’ve gotta go get more wonder-under!

  2. I just can’t believe how much you get done! Those notebook covers are a great idea! Maybe I could whip some up before school starts for my THIRD GRADER! Excuse me, but I am having a wee bit of trouble with my kids going back to school. (oh and can totally relate to the mutant notebook hiccup!)

    Was curious to see what comments might be made about the circles puckering when appliqueing….I will be back to find out.

  3. I love it that you are so honest about your sewing blunders…and you even show them! Very encouraging to those of us that love sewing and don’t always eye everything right at times either. The boy’s blanket is cute…are you still finding chenille fuzzies around the house and in your dryer lint trap? :o)

  4. Great book covers! And, finding the mutant is definitely something that would happen to me. Either that or my chosen material would be a 1/8inch too short. The baby blankie looks all snuggly and wonderful.

  5. Very nice! This is yet another idea I’ve been rolling around in my head but haven’t gotten a chance to execute. I was thinking about covering some small notebooks/journals from the dollar store to give out as Christmas gifts. The possibilities are endless!

  6. I agree with Kirsten. Wonder-under is definitely a must when doing applique. Since most of my quilts have been appliqued, I have had a lot of experience with it and it really works!

  7. I just got home from the quilt store — there’s some fusing stuff you’re suppose to use if you machine applique.

    Since they told me that machine applique items can’t be washed much (WTF?), I guess I’m going to hand applique my quilt. ::gulp::

  8. Your notebook covers are fantastic! Thanks for sharing your story about how you measured for your pattern from the mutant book. This sounds like something that would happen to me.

  9. Great notebook covers. Can’t believe you ended up with the “reject” as your pattern maker! Isn’t that the way it goes.

    Love the baby blanket. Bought some chenille on Saturday for a baby gift idea I have brewing — all thanks to seeing your great blankets.

  10. love the notebook covers! that is a great idea! i would have picked the mutant one, too. that’s the kind of luck i have!

    and the baby blanket is adorable …. AND EVEN BETTER IN PERSON!!!!! It is soft and snuggly and warm. I can’t wait until “he” (the un-named baby boy) can use it! THANK YOU!!!!!

  11. Oh, you did so much better than I! Hey, I have one of those circle cutty thingies and have never used it. I need to try making a notebook with fabric. I have been thinking that I need to make it with a place to put a pen with it. I always loose my pens. Got any ideas?

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