Sewing for Others

I’ve spent the last few days sewing for others. 

 Project #1:  Basket liner made from a crib sheet for a friend of a friend: 


Could any basket be easier to line?  NO, but this project took me forever – mostly trying to figure out the angles for widening over the top then narrowing so that the fabric wasn’t loose around the bottom (still looks a bit more loose than I would have liked but she loved it).   Very humbling experience.

I threw in this little card for fun.


Project #2:  A Nappy Bag for my neighbor (minus the weird bottle pockets):



She picked the fabrics.  They’re cute, but not really me.  I’ll bet a nappy bag can make almost any fabric look good, though.

Project #3: 2 notebook covers for birthday presents.


Project #4: Travel needle cases.

needle-cases-closed.JPG needle-cases-open.JPG

Closed and open.  The one on the left is a circular needle pouch, and on the right is a double-point needle case.  I think it would make a great pencil carrier for kids as well.

I test-sewed this pattern draft for Giving Flower.  What a great idea.  The pattern will be available in her shop soon.

21 thoughts on “Sewing for Others

  1. Doesn’t it figure that the easy projects always end up being the most challenging? Everytime I set out to make a basket liner it always takes 10 times longer than I think it will.

    Love those notebook covers!

  2. Nappy bags are very forgiving creatures – the always look fantastic, even if you are not thrilled with the fabric initially.

    Travel needlecases are SUCH a good idea. Losing a single needle in the back of the car can make a girl want to cry.

  3. Guess what I got in the mail yesterday? My charm packs! Can’t wait to start working with them. I just love how they all coordinate. Thanks for letting me know about this fabulous find. 🙂

  4. The basket liner is very cute. I’ve been too intimidated to try that project. I’ve wanted to, I just don’t have enough confidence (or patience ???).

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