Just some stuff ‘cuz I don’t have much else to post about.

Trail Mix inspired me to get my own stamp.  I made up my picture in Publisher, sent it on to the online stamp maker’s, blinked, and a few days later, got my own custom-made stamp.


Very fun.  I got some StazOn ink so I could stamp on my plastic card boxes.  Yes, it’s a bit smudged.  I need to practice stamping on slippery plastic.  Someone asked me about where to get these plastic boxes.  They are from Clearbags.  They have paper, plastic boxes, and bags of all sizes.  I’ve even gotten vellum envelopes from them so that the recipient can see the card even before they open it.  Aren’t I vain? 

Several months ago I cleaned my iron, and having nothing else to post about (like today), I posted about my new clean, happy, shiny iron.  Several people asked about the iron cleaner.  Well, here it is:


You squeeze the stuff on to an old towel and start ironing away on it.  The stuff turns black, and your iron gets all shiny.  Gotta love an iron that doesn’t stick when it slides.  I get a lot of goop on my iron because I use iron-on adhesive for everything.  Also in the picture is some twill tape printed like measuring tape.  I love it!  This will go perfectly on a seamstress apron in the future.  I also recently discovered FrayCheck – the little bottle on the bottom right.  It’s a glue that keeps fabric from fraying.  I’ve been using it to keep ribbon ties from fraying.  Lovely, lovely.


 And for my last sewing friend, we  have Mr. Air Duster can.  I’m just a little bit of a neat freak and when I see dust building up in my sewing machine and I can’t get to it, it drives me nuts.  This little guy blows air – in a mighty strong burst (doesn’t that sound Texan?).  It’ll blow lint out of my bobbin casing in less than a second.  It also cleans out under the stitch plate beautifully.  I got it in the photo section at WalMart and it should last me a good long while.

18 thoughts on “Just some stuff ‘cuz I don’t have much else to post about.

  1. With nothing much to post about…..well, I certainly learning something new! Never thought you needed or should clean an iron! Nice to know. And I love the stamp you had made up. I would suggest you carve your own stamp, but, well, I am not very good at that, so I think I shan’t advise it.

    I love the stainless steel look on your sewing machine! It looks retro no actually modern, and funky! And every house needs a can of air! I personally supply the HOT AIR. yup

  2. I iron the wrong side of the fusible all the time. Whenever I need to clean my iron, I just iron an unused dryer fabric softner sheet. Takes the gunk right off and makes the iron smooth and clean. Makes the room smell nice too!

  3. I’m not sure about stamping shiny stuff. You may have already tried this, but my best guess is to stamp the boxes before folding them into their box shape??? (Of course, this is not a very helpful hint when one has everything boxed and ready to go, right?) :o)

  4. what a cool stamp! I’ll have to check out the site. Aren’t you full of such useful information today?! :o) I love clearbags! I buy their clear envelopes all the time.

  5. How cool is it to have your own stamp?!!! What a great idea. Thanks for the heads up on some useful products. I need them all especially the iron cleaner (despite my iron being nonstick that fusible stuff sticks).

  6. Love the stamp!

    I wish I knew about the iron cleaner earlier because after ruining 2 purses I was making, I went out and bought an iron just for interfacing. So now i have two irons sitting on my shelf–this from the woman who hates to iron! Well, unless I am ironing freshly washed fabric, of course!

  7. I love your stamp. It so reminds me of when I was a little girl. My grandma used to work in an office supply store and had a stamp made for me with my name on it. I loved it. It was one of the few things I ever had with my name spelled correctly on it. I may have get one made for myself now!

  8. Oh I love your new little stamp!! I think one of those would be fun. I love your little logo too.
    Oh and my sewing machine guy said that blowing dust out of your machine is the best thing you can do for it. I definitely need to get some-mine has been out for a while now. Great tips!

  9. I love your stamp — it will be so nice on your cards!

    Thanks for the reminder to clean my sewing machine — I feel so much better when everything is clean and dust-free.

    I LOVE Fray check too 🙂

  10. Busy week? I missed you and was just wondering where you were. Love the stamp. I am working on some bags and hopefully will post a picture soon. I was thinking of making some tags out of gross grain ribbon. Using the letters in the sewing machine and putting my name on them, have you tried this?

  11. Hey, I want a rubber stamp, too! All I need is an identity . . . . .

    Going to look for the iron cleaning stuff. I’m wicked on irons! Hmmm, my iron history will make a good blog post one of these days!

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