Wall Pockets

I’ve been playing around with wall pockets again.  My first attempt turned out not to be so sturdy.  The corkboard is flexible and can bend a bit under it’s own weight when hanging and when I stuck a push pin in it, the pin point came out the back.  Hmmmm.  To solve both problems, I added a layer of cardboard to the back.  This one has been done for a few days and is holding up really nicely.


I also wanted to try a board with 3 pockets on it.  No corkboard to deal with – just 2 layers of cardboard on the inside.


This one was a bit more challenging, but seems pretty sturdy.  I think I’d like to change the depth of the pockets, and maybe sew up the middle to make two pockets on top level.  I still have the problem of how to close everything up.  For this one, I sewed through the cardboard.  There must be a better way to do it that I just can’t wrap my brain around.  When I made the flap of fabric above the cardboard, it wrinkled under the pull of the weight of the board.  Any suggestions?


And have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE teaching the kids Kindergarten?  Don’t get me wrong – there’s work involved and the time commitment is increasing as I they can do more, but I love having them home and watching them get excited about what they’re learning.  This week we are looking at the letter C, cows, dairy products, and how God’s Word helps us grow spiritually, just like milk helps their bodies grow physically.  Today, we made BUTTER!


I’m such a city girl – who knew we could make butter at home?  Everyone took turns shaking up the whipping cream – mmmmm.

23 thoughts on “Wall Pockets

  1. Making butter sounds fun and it looks yummy! Attempting a wall pocket is one of my many back burner projects. I haven’t found the time to do it yet but I was going to sew the pockets to a base fabric and then staple it all to a pre stretched canvas. It would be light weight and the wood frame would make it sturdy. You could put a layer of cork board between the pockets and the canvas before stapling it to the back.

  2. So good to hear you are enjoying it! And the “fruits” of your labor looks YUMMY!!!!! Bet it tastes awesome. I just don’t know how you find the time to do all you do!

  3. I have a bread machine that has a butter cycle (weird, isn’t it?)…I may have to make some butter to go along with the pumpkin bread I’m baking!

    I think that it’s so wonderful that you’re teaching your children at home.

  4. Ah, this is exactly what I need! I have a space on my sewing studio wall that needs ‘something’. It’s right behind my sewing machine, so I wanted something utilitarian, yet pretty. I like Autum’s idea of using a stretched canvas. I think I have one of those laying around. *sigh* one more project to dream about!

    Good for you for having so much fun teaching your kiddos! That must be a very rewarding job.

  5. The wall pockets look great. I’m sure you’ll figure out the perfect design soon.

    I’m going to be in Dallas this weekend so am hoping to make it to the store you recommended to me (Cabbage Rose Quilting).

  6. Ok, the wall pockets are terrific, but how did you make the butter? I remember doing this in grade school, but of course, have no idea how it was done. Tutorial maybe? Thanks!

  7. Do you remember how I made wall pockets for you children once? I went through all my patterns and found different shaped pockets, decorated them with buttons and bits of trim and sewed them onto denim. I cut and sewed the top of each one so it would fit over a coat hanger for easy hanging. It was fun to do, but I must say the ones you make are much, much prettier!
    Congratulations on the butter. For sure, you didn’t learn that from me! I’ve never made butter in my life.

  8. I haven’t made one of these but what if you made the piece like a pillow case and then slipped the cardboard in and then closed up the top using fabric glue? Or you could hand stitch it closed. Another option to consider would be to make the back envelope style and have the top of the flap slide into the bottom and then you could glue, velcro or stitch it closed by hand maybe?

  9. Aw, I remember making butter in kindergarten! It seemed so amazing to watch it take form. I’m happy for you that homeschooling is going well. What a clever way you used to tie in the spiritual lesson — way to go, Teach!

  10. Homeschooling is just the best. Definitely worth the sacrifice of the time it takes. It kind of makes me sad that everyone can’t homeschool. I have to think that children would be happier and the world would be a better place if we all could.

  11. sounds like you (i mean, your children) had a lot of fun making butter!!

    i bought some shelled peanuts right before the baby was born to have the boys make homemade peanut butter, but the baby came before we got around to it! (maybe soon)

    and, as always, nice wall pockets. (and, sorry, i have no suggestions for you … my brain is mush!!)

  12. Look at those faces on those boys, would ya? To sweet!

    Love the wall pockets. My sister is wanting one for the new baby’s room. We have yet to attempt it.

  13. Love the wall pocket idea. My sister has just begun decorating her new condo and I’m thinking Christmas gift for her for sure. I’ll play around with construction techniques and let you know how it goes. I love the ones you made.

    The boys sure look like they are going to enjoy the rewards of the butter lesson. I’m happy to hear things are going to so well.

  14. I love the wall pockets! The day you posted the last ones I found 12×12 corkboard at Big Lots and came right home to play with them. I did what a couple of people suggested- I sewed the fabric envelope style, slipped the corkboard in and then glued the top flap down on the back. It worked OK. I didn’t get it quite tight enough and I need to work on it a little bit more. This is something I need to keep working on, but when I am well-rested because it is easy to get frustrated when trying to figure out things without patterns (I am a beginner at sewing). You are inspiring me though! I check your blog for new ideas every day.

  15. I made butter when I was in first grade, I loved it! I plan to show my son how to make it too.

    I have thought about your wall pockets since yesterday (yes, I think ‘craft’ all.the.time). I love the idea of more pockets. I think the solution I would use is similar to Torrie’s… make a flap on one end to fold over to the back. The difference is that I wouldn’t glue it, I would slip stitch it shut by hand. And if you don’t want to glue or stitch it shut, there is always duct tape 🙂

  16. The lovely wall pocket looks beautiful in its new home.

    Your student is working the machine like a pro. Your lessons are proving to be very successful and enjoyable.

    I regret not even talking one bit yesterday. I got a sweet hello from ‘J’. What a great picture of them!

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