Using up some charms.

I have WAY too many charm packs.  But what can I say?  I love them!  For the most part, Moda is the only company that makes them.  I’ve seen a couple from another company, but I’ve never been able to get Amy Butler’s fabric in charm packs.  Until now.  The Fat Quarter Shop sells her fabric in squares in a pack called a Jolly pack.  So thanks to Ms. Jolly over at the Fat Quarter Shop, I was able to get my Amy Butler dose in a charm pack size.  And, yes, I felt quite jolly about it! 

So it was time to do something about my accumulating collection of charm packs.  I started off on this project thinking I would make a large piece of fused charms, then cut it up to cover a box.  But when it was all done, how could I cut it?  I had to hang it up on my wall.  So here it hangs, thumbtacked over the changing table turned home office of sorts in my craft room.


My next project wasn’t so successful, but I’ll show it anyway.  I made it out of my Apron Strings charm pack.  There are so many things about it that I DO like:  the clothesline, that goes right along with the apron strings theme, the pockets, the buttons that I can hang things off of . . . but the wallboard as a whole I’m not in love with.  It could be that I was migraining when I  made it.


At this point I don’t know what to do with it.  I did learn a thing or two so that made it worth it.  🙂

I think I have 2 charm packs left, but they’ll have to wait until I get another quilt or two finished for my boys.

32 thoughts on “Using up some charms.

  1. I love, love, love your CHARMING masterpieces! Gosh I’m so addicted to Charm Packs… and it’s nice to know I can get the Amy Butler “Jolly” packs at the FQS! Thanks for the info! I’m going RIGHT NOW to get me some too! This of course comes after I already bought three new charm packs at my LQS this afternoon! I’d say this will be my Halloween treat for the day!

    Oh my goodness… what’s going to happen to us once the Moda Jelly Rolls hit our LQS’s????

  2. That was fun! I just ordered my AB Jolly pack and the April Cornell Sonnet charm pack. Now I’ll be stalking UPS, USPS or FedEx truck for the next couple of days! Jolly times ahead! Thanks Linda! 🙂

  3. LOL… another post… sorry to be a comment hog. I just noticed your pink walls. It looks exactly like the pink in my office/sewing room! Is it Behr “French White” by chance?

  4. I think it looks great! I haven’t bought any charm packs but now after seeing your latest creation with them you’ve convinced me that I need some. I believe also has a good variety of them.

  5. I love the panel at the top. I think the colours are gorgeous… if you find more of the same fabric you could keep going and turn it into a larger laptop quilt or something.

    And the wall board is cool too. Useful and pretty, what more does anybody want?

  6. I’ll have to send you a picture of my changing table-mine is masquerading as a butchers block type kitchen thingy.

    The Amy butler charm squares look great with the arrangement you’ve done.

    Do you think we should make a collection of ideas that use charm squares? Could be interesting.

  7. Both projects are absolutely beautiful! I agree, the Amy Butler project would be difficult to cut and I think that the wall board is amazing, there is no need to be disappointed with it! I too suffer from migraines and have had some less-than-successful projects as a result of tryig to be crafty while hurting, but even at my best, I could never make something as great as that.

  8. Cahnging table cum home office – great idea. I just have to get number 2 out of nappies!

    The buttons you can hang things off are a stroke of genius. Maybe migranes do bring some good things?

  9. You are SUCH an enabler! Evertime I visit your blog I want to buy something new. (Of course I secretly love it!) :o)

    The Amy wall piece is perfect and gorgeous just the way it is (I couldn’t cut it up either.)

  10. The Amy Butler hanging is terrific! I like the Apron Strings board as well. I think the problem you are seeing is that sometimes patterns on top of patterns don’t sit well with the eye (especially the migrainer eye). Also, you have mixed dark patterns/solids with pastels… that can bother the eye as well. The combo of the clip string, buttons, and pockets on the Apron Strings is very clever! I hope you feel better quickly… I’ve had two migraines with recent weather changes so I can definitely relate.

  11. So beautiful! My first thought when I saw the Amy Butler panel was to make a full apron out of it, but it looks lovely just like that.
    I LOVE the message board! Especially the idea of doing the “clothesline” to hold things!!

  12. Oh I agree-how could you dare cut that? You find the most gorgeous fabrics. As you can see, I have a hard time cutting into the fabrics you gave me. I love the fabric combinations!
    That wall board is cool too. I don’t know what you don’t like about it but I like it. I’d make a wall board but I have no walls to make it for. When that Lottery win comes around then I’m covering every wall in my mansion with such gorgeous fabric. 🙂

  13. Wow – AB is gorgeous all together. Would certainly be hard to cut.

    Apron Strings is too cute. I loved all that fabric and I love the way you put it all together. Very creative.

  14. I wish you lived next door! You are such an inspiration. I like the apron strings bulletin board. I have yet to find charm packs around here and we have three local quilt shops.

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