Feeling the Bloggy Love

I will never EVER doubt the bloggy love again!  When I posted my last post, I felt like a needy puppy.  Who would offer to spend several hours of their time and spend their hare-earned money to help me for NO PAY???  Well, you ladies are so generous and some of you crack me up!  Thank you for all your offers!  I took every application very seriously.  Thanks for the links of your work, the emails with pictures, and for telling me about yourselves.  I know you all can sew and some of you wonderfully well!  I’ve decided to take Sue up on her kind offer.  Sue and I have been keeping up with eachother’s blogs since soon after this blog started.  And while I think she would agree that our styles are somewhat different, I find her work inspiring and her attention to details motivating.  Thank you so much, Sue!

11 thoughts on “Feeling the Bloggy Love

  1. Bag looks great, Linda. It will surely be a hit with all your pockets and modern styling. Congratulations to Sue – I’ll look forward to seeing her finished product.

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