Happy Lunar New Year

On the Craft Apple menu today:

One itty bitty bowl of rice pincushion.  Utensils: chopsticks pins.


So pull up an itty bitty chair and have some.


Would you like that with a button?


Happy Chinese New Year!

29 thoughts on “Happy Lunar New Year

  1. anything that small deserves the title ‘cute’ for sure – how small are they? and where did you get those bowls? i’ve made some using flowerpots – but those are gorgeous.

  2. I like the idea of having a pincushion with a hard bottom. I always end up getting poked when I pick up the all cloth ones. I have ended up turning a padded cloth cover box into an extremely large pin cushion.
    Very clever!

  3. I love your fabric bowls. Where did you get those wonderful bowls and what size sre they? Is there a tutorial? I would love to make one.

  4. These are far too cute! I wonder if I could make it work in little tea-cups, hmm I see a trip to the thrift shop in my future! Thanks for the inspiration!

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