Snip, snip, snip.

Well, posting about my scissors was LOTS of fun!  It turns out that I’m not so crazy after all.  Some of you are right up there with me in my scissor collecting, but non-blogger Katherine by far blew us all away with her 13+ scissors.  She even keeps a pair in her car (brilliant)!  A couple of little goodies are on their way to you!

Another sewing project finished is a couple of foot warmers using Ashley’s  entertaining tutorial for lined foot warmers with a microwaveable rice-filled insert.


This tutorial came along at the perfect time since this is the first winter I’ve ever experienced ice-cold feet that don’t warm up under the covers.  A sign of my age?  Perhaps.  But it turns out that my short, wide feet (called “farmer’s feet” by more than one Taiwanese shoe salesman when I was a little girl buying shoes…yes, I was scarred for a while *sniff* but I’m okay now)  Um…where were we?  Ah yes, my farmer’s feet need a little more warmth, especially since I’m a back sleeper (read “double-wide farmer’s feet surface area that needs warming”). 


Here they are on my guest room shelf, since that’s where the pink one will stay.  The fully washable outer shell means it can be guest-ready even though I’ve used it once.


Next to the foot warmers is a chenille-backed blanket that I made a couple of weeks ago.  2 yards of pre-pieced fabric that I’ve been hanging on to and 2 yards of chenille: busted.  It looks just like this one but bigger, using the same directions as in my own tutorial,  so I figured it didn’t deserve a post of it’s own.

And finally, a call to you Canadian bloggers and crafters.  Kerry ‘s friend Tina is a quilter who just moved from Austrailia to Edmonton.  As I understand it there are difficulties getting good fabric up there north of the border.  If you wouldn’t mind welcoming her and be willing to break the bad news and share the good news about quilting/crafting in Canada, please visit here blog here (not a crafty blog, just a bloggy blog, but I’m sure you’re welcome).  Let’s share some bloggy love!

20 thoughts on “Snip, snip, snip.

  1. thanks for sharing Tina’s blog details, she is just new to this game, so would love some comments from others. Can’t believe the weather can be so different over there, its so hot here, we are looking forward to winter. Your foot warmers are very cute, I am not sure I would need them I am a very hot blooded person.
    Happy crafting

  2. Ooooh, what a great idea to do them in chenille, and an even better one to do one double-sized!! I feel warm & snuggly just thinking about it. And if that shoe salesman was making fun of you for having short, wide feet, I’d hate to see what he’d have had to say about my size 10.5 clodhoppers!

  3. love those foot warmers. i have horribly flat, wide feet and they are a pain to get warm in winter. i usually involves a pair of socks and slippers and they feel stuffy and not warm. gah.

    hmmmm, that was a wee bit of an overshare.

  4. I’m delurking to protest that there IS good fabric to be had in Canada….it’s just….hard to find. ;o) I’ll stop by her blog for sure though.

    Love those foot-warmers. That’s a fabulous idea.

  5. Those look so cozy and warm! They are now on my list of things to try.

    I am trying my hand at making tote bags and was perusing your archives last night, looking at all your beautiful bags. What do you use to stiffen the bottom of your bags? The ladies at the fabric store could only direct me to plastic canvas–which is just too flimsy.

  6. Oooh, I love that fabric on the blanket! I can’t believe it’s fabric, it really looks like patchwork! Do you have to tie or quilt the blanket when it’s a bigger size like that? I hadn’t even seen your tutorial, yet another thing I have to add to my to do list!

  7. Everything you make deserves a post of it’s own. I too have microwaveable slippes but I bought them, and they certainly aren’t as pretty as yours. (AS for me reading books, I always read one a week.)

  8. I think it is our age! I’ve always been a barefoot girl (with “farmer’s feet” as well, thank you very much), but I can’t handle the cold anymore. This was the first winter of my life that I’ve had to wear socks all the time. Such a sad sign of the times *sniff*. At least you’re looking for new solutions!

  9. I love those! Oh, the quilt is just darling. I have an idea, you just come on up to Virginia and help me match fabric. You have such a good eye! I have decided I like chenille because of how you use it!

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