Lotus Bag


There’s a catalog that comes occasionally (I can’t remember which one) that goes straight into the recycle bin.  There isn’t a model to be seen throughout the catalog – just clothes arranged in funny positions.  Sure the clothes are cute, but I would never buy anything that just looked cute laying on a table.  Why, I wonder would anyone put together a catalog like that?  Well now I know why.  Because taking pictures of clothes arranged like they’re jumping or shopping or dressed on flat Stanley is JUST PLAIN FUN.  I couldn’t stop.  I took so many pictures and finally felt guilty that mommy’s presumed “shower” was taking so long.


Anyhoo, I’ve made myself another bag.  I had this red sweater and no purse to go with it.  Amy Butler’s Lotus fabric in Cherry came just in time!  I wanted to make a bag that’s bigger than what I normally carry so I can toss a ball of yarn in there without it looking like the purse is going to burst.  And what happens when you buy your normal amount of fabric and try to make a bigger purse?  Well, you run out, of course.  Well, never fear – that’s when the stash comes in handy.  Denyse Schmidt to the rescue!


Okay, I dare you to go arrange some clothes on the ground and start snapping some shots.  It’s really too fun. 

Oh yeah, and just in case anyone’s been wondering why I’ve been out of commission:  Allergy season has started up with a vengeance.  On Tuesday I go in for my RUSH immunotherapy allergy shots.  I’ll be at the doctor’s office from 8 am to 4 pm.  I SOOOO wish I could bring my sewing machine with me!  Maybe I’ll bring some pincushions to finish.  Other than that, it’s just magazines and DVDs for me. 

39 thoughts on “Lotus Bag

  1. Love your bag, red is my favourite colour! Is it a pattern or did you make it up? Might just have to go and get some of that new Amy Butler material. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Boy that outfit looks stylish girl!

    Yes, they were the first two AB Lotus fabrics I bought also, I definitely ADORE that bag.

    Linda, I’ve looked everywhere in internet catalogues for those handles. Where do you get them from? can you recommend an internet source.

  3. That is gorgeous. I love your funny photos – sure most of my wardrobe would look better off me. I have visions of you standing on your ladder taking them!

    Good luck with the shots.

  4. That’s a beautiful bag! Sorry to hear about your allergies – I too have severe allergies but have another week or two before I start up. I can’t do shots but buy Benedryl in 400 quantity bottles! Good luck with it – hoping you have a mild season.

  5. I’ve been wondering about you! I was going to email you if I didn’t see a post soon.

    I love, LOVE that bag. My heart seriously stopped beating when I saw it. I’m not sure if it’s the style, the fabric, but I know it’s the fabulous combination. Great bag. Fabulous bag.

    Feel better soon. Hope your treatment provides quick relief.

  6. What a great bag! I love red and white. Hope the rush therapy takes care of your allergies. I took shots for a year and a half and lost steam. (But I also had surgery eventually, which pretty much took care of the need for shots.)

  7. Oh you are too funny. I can just see you up there ‘taking a shower’ with your camera. I would be too. I love the pictures. Your bag is great too. Why not bring a ball of yarn and some needles to the doctor’s office? I hope it all goes well for you. Hugs!

  8. You are too funny…. the pictures make me smile! If that bag and outfit were in my closet, it would definitely be one of my ‘uniforms’ most often worn.

    We missed you this morning! Are all three still coughing with runny noses or has anyone improved? So, your allergies are still raging? I hope Tuesday brings relief!! Also, we’re in for the zoo, if it’s still a go. Have a nice afternoon/evening!

  9. Very cute and funny pictures! You are a natural. I love the bag too. I hope the allergy stuff goes well. We are getting hit big time here too.

  10. You are so creative, your photos look great and the bag is gorgeous, hope everything goes well at the doctors, allergies are so awful. Pity our sewing machines weren’t a liitle more portable sometimes.
    Have a good week

  11. So sorry about your allergies, hope all goes well at the doctor’s office. I LOVE you bag, the shape, the colors and the photo shoot. Off to buy some red Amy Butler fabric!

  12. 8 to 4? Eek. But if it’ll help with the allergies, Godspeed! We’re just wheezing along down here.

    The bag – so fine!! Love the invisible woman photo shoot, too. 😉

  13. I will be praying for your sanity on Tuesday! I love, love the bag. I need a new bag. Hmmm…I might have to take time to make myself one. I wish you lived closer so we could get together to sew!

  14. Gorgeous, GORGEOUS purse! And that outfit is perfect…I’ve always been a big fan of kahki and red together for some reason.

    Did I say I love the purse??? lol!

    I would like to know where you get the handles, also, if you don’t mind.

    Wishing you much luck at the doctor’s office and quick relief of your symptoms! We got Allison in a week ago Friday. Poor girl was miserable!

  15. I love the bag and it does go very well with your outfit…cute pictures! My bags need to be bigger to house a diaper case and not yarn…but I understand the need!

  16. The bag is really awesome. I really like the red.

    Good luck at the Dr. office. I feel for you sitting there all day. Seems like I do that even when I already have an appointment.

    I hope it helps your allergies. Mine went haywire last night, so I feel your pain. I hope it gets better for both of us!

  17. 8 till 4, you’ll certainly need loads of magazines. Tree pollen is starting here, which isn’t so good for me either.
    I loved how you said the kids presumed you were in the shower!!! Hee Hee !

  18. Love the bag & the outfit as red is my alltime favorite color!

    Different viewpoint about buying clothes from a catalog with little to no models. Often I will purchase something that looked stunning on a model, but looks absolutely dreadful on myself. Without models, I can evaluate whether or not an outfit, piece of clothing is suitable for my body type.

    Great blog, I mostly lurk with hopes of someday owning a sewing machine and developing a crafty talent. 🙂

  19. I love your bag, great colors, and great size!!!
    Yes it is fun to arrange you clothes is fun positions. I sometimes do that when I lay out my daughters clothes!!!

  20. This is the cutest bag I’ve ever seen. LOVE the red fabrics. I just saw the tutorial too. Thank you! Do you have a good source for the leather handles? I really like the thin width of yours.

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