Diaper Bag Pattern

The cover shot bag is made up in Amy Butler’s Nigella.  This pattern is available here.

I can hardly believe it – the diaper bag pattern is done!  Whew!  That took what felt like forever.  Please pardon the lame name.  I am seriously lacking in the naming department.  It took me forever to come up with a blog name last year and hubby wasn’t much help with his suggestions that were always something like this:  super craftafragalistic expiolodocious.  Or in this case:  super diaper bagalistic expiolodocious.  

Sue really came through for me and test sewed the bag and edited the pattern in less than 2 days.  Your comments were valuable, Sue.  Thank you!  You can see her bag here.

I had all these ideas about how I wanted the cover to look.  But when it comes right down to it, trying to get together with a friend who has baby and setting up a photo shoot just doesn’t rank high on the list of things that are easily done.  That, and pattern naming, you know.  However, I am open to suggestions if anyone has a name they think is just perfect.  But isn’t the pattern done, you say?  Well, yes, but I’ll change the name in a heartbeat for the second printing.

Here’s another in Robert Kauffman’s Iota:

Diaper Bag

  Soon I hope to finish off the Patchfolio pattern, then take a break from pattern writing for a while.


43 thoughts on “Diaper Bag Pattern

  1. Well done, the bag looks great and I love the cover picture, I am sure it would be a great bag for all sorts of purposes. Congratulations.

  2. Gosh, I take a few months off and miss soooo much! That is a gorgeous bag, and my brother(and SIL, obviously) are expecting…..do I dare try this………? Everything looks so professional.

    So very, very, very, proud of you! One more very.

  3. Linda! How wonderful that you’re already adding to your pattern collections. I think the brochure looks impressive! I’m impressed anyway. HA! 🙂

  4. Where was this bag 5 years ago?! I was the fumbling/bumbling mother that could never find a thing in the diaper bag! The pattern looks great!

    Your cards were a big hit! I found my friend flipping through them(frequently) on our weekend together. I put them all in one box to show the beautiful variety. (I will return the plastic sleeves for future use!)

    I love the new bag that you made with the diaper pattern! Beautiful work!

  5. How adorable is THIS?! What a great idea! When I think of the ghastly khaki/orange diaper bag I lugged around 25 years ago…well, I’ll make one of yours when that now-25-year-old has a baby of her own! Adorable!

    Just found your blog today and was thrilled to see you were also a Sewing Seeds contributor. I had a lump in my throat over that one – loved knowing so many little girls are going to get to twirl around in new skirts!

  6. Wonderful pattern. I have no present need for it right now, but it will definitely be on the top of my list “if” in time I shall need it. Congrats.

  7. That great pattern almost makes me sorry that my nappy bag days are behind me (almost). Maybe I’ll come across someone who deserves a very special gift.

  8. Congratulations! You must be so relieved 🙂 As for the name I think “The Diaper Bag” is perfect as it is and will certainly be helpful when searching for this exact same thing online 🙂

  9. How awesome Linda! I’m so excited for you. One of the things I love about reading blogs is seeing ideas come to fruition. Anyway, I’ve just whipped over and bought the pattern.

    For me it will be a “day trip” or take to “swimming” bag.

  10. So cool! You could call it the ‘bag for the crafty mom on the go’. It’s big enough for the babies needs and your yarn, et.

  11. That’s really great! I’d like that for a work bag. If I could ever find time to sew again, I’ll be getting this pattern for sure =)

  12. That is a gorgeous and super functional looking bag. I love to sew but the supply list and lack of actual pattern pieces intimidate me a little bit. Any chance you’d do a mini-tutorial sometime?

  13. You have become quite the Entrepreneur. I think that bag would be a great weekday bag, not just diaper bag. You could put a water bottle in the outside pocket. The inside pockets with elastic would be great to keep small items from falling out. It’s a Daper Diaper Bag!

  14. I just bought this pattern on Etsy. What a lovely bag and a lovely creator! I’ll send you a pic when I’m done with the bag and now that I think of it I have another friend expecting in Nov., so I’d better get in gear to do two!

  15. Hello – I just discovered your blog and am inspired! I just love the fabric that you used for the diaper bag pattern picture – would be a pain to find out what the patterns are called?

    Thank you!! Great site!

  16. I received the pattern in mail a few weeks ago and have already made my own diaper bag. The pattern is wonderful! So easy to follow and quick to put together, and the finished product has wowed everyone. I loved it so much I made another one for a friend who’s due two weeks ahead of me. You can have so much fun mixing the fabrics, and there is plenty of room for all your diaper essentials. Thanks for a wonderful pattern!

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