The Patchfolio Pattern

Now before anyone thinks all I do is sit around cranking out patterns, this one has been in the “almost done” phase for quite a while.  It feels like all I’ve done for the last week is finalize this pattern (which involved a lot of sewing (fun!) and some trips to Home Depot (also fun!)) and looking up copyright stuff (not so much fun). 


Hey, is anyone going to tell her that the picture is sideways?

Okay, okay, that’s my attempt at being artistic.  I clearly need to learn some pattern cover-making skills.  Is there a class for that?  For those of you who might get hurt tilting your head, here’s a right-side-up shot:


Oh Lotus fabric, how beautiful I find thee.

HUGE thanks to Katie who whipped up not 1, but 2 patchfolios in one week, to test sew this pattern for me.  She is the reason this patchfolio is as sturdy as it is.   Thanks, Katie!


These girls are some models that didn’t make the cut for the cover shot.  But they were such good sports about it.  Not a complaint (“Awww!  Why can’t I be on the cover?”) out of either of them, which is such a nice thing for this Mama.

Patterns are, of course, in my shop.

Thanks to everyone who’s been asking how I’m doing!  You gals are so nice!  I’m almost 4 weeks post surgery and doing a lot better.  My body is craving exercise, but I hurt when anything in my tummy area does anything remotely similar to jiggling so for now I walk slowly, avoid walking down stairs, and dream of when I can get up early and walk with my walking buddy Yvonne.

29 thoughts on “The Patchfolio Pattern

  1. Congratulations!! You’ve done it again!! I’m also very glad to hear you’re feeling better 🙂 I’m sure you’ll be out with your walking buddy before you know it!

  2. Beautiful! Sorry it’s been so long. just taking a much needed break and slowly getting back into blogging. Don’t forget my new blog home at

  3. I dream of that day too Linda!!!! I am jiggling all over about now from missing our walks. I never knew just how much those twice a week walks were keeping the jiggles away, but NOW I KNOW! Ewwww!! Right? TMI? 🙂


  4. This pattern looks great, my Tuesday class have been busy making folder covers over the past month, I will have to see if they would be interested in you new pattern.
    Glad to hear you are feeling better,
    Take care

  5. As usual you did an excellent job. I really loved the ladies who didn’t make the pattern cover cut. I am glad to hear you are doing well. I hope you will be able to walk soon!

  6. I just love these, practical yet beautiful. Juat imagine a woman who had to go away on a business metting, missing her familiy. She could take one of these with her, all patchworked and beautiful and use it to keep her happy as a reminder of her nice things of home, and that she’d be back with her family soon. Ahh – love Julia x

  7. I’m back! And I can’t wait to see the fancy pattern! I will write tomorrow. Now I need to go sleep off the vacation (two little ones, no husband, you do the math, heh).

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