Are You a Bagaholic?

Shelly asked me the other day how many purses I have.  Well, here you go, Shelly:

I'm a bagaholic

I walked all over the house to collect them all.  This picture shows 10, but there is one more that I got at Target a few years ago.  I only use it when one of these 10 don’t go with anything I’m wearing, which isn’t very often.  This also doesn’t include the one bag that in my etsy shop – I consider that one inventory rather than part of my collection.  🙂  I have given away too many purses to count and have only sold a very few.  Last year I donated some of my first handmade purses to our church garage sale.

Here they are, clockwise from 12 o’clock.  1) Amy Butler’s In-Town bag, 2) my first attempt at Machine Made Patchworks quilted strip bag (without the pattern), 3) the Lotus bag (free pattern here), 4) one of the original CraftApple Diaper bags (pattern available here), 5) a felted drawstring tote, 6) a quilted stripey bag that is the favorite these days, 7) the “yay-I-found-Autum’s-tutorial-for-the-Machine-Made-Patchworks-quilted-strip-bag” bag,  8 ) Amy Butler’s Nappy Bag, 9) the Lindie Bag (free pattern here), and finally 10) the ruffled Frenchy Bag (also an Amy Butler pattern).

Okay, I’m all linked-out.  Now I want to know how many handmade-by-yourself bags YOU have.  (Bags should be made by you that you use.  Not bags that will be given away.)  I’ll come up with a little handmade something for the person with the most bags.  But if you’re the winner, you’ll have to be prepared to prove it with a picture.  🙂

53 thoughts on “Are You a Bagaholic?

  1. I have not made any handbags yet, but that is next on my project list. Your post is very inspiring! I’m a little intimidated by the thought of making a purse, but I’m going to try it anyway. Wish me luck!

  2. Nah, that’s not that many. I have no idea how many handmade bags I have, I’d have to search my house. So many of mine have been handed down to Lily. I’ll try to do a count this afternoon.

  3. I totally won’t win this one! 😦 For personal use I only have three handmade bags. I’ve made a few for other people but that doesn’t count. What about all the ones I have planned in my head? Hee hee!!!

  4. I don’t think my bags would count as they tend to be very simple and made from the bottom of the children’s old jeans or my dad’s tweed trousers – very recycled, very pockety! But I am about to make my first proper handbag from Amy Butler’s Messenger bag pattern (when it arrives!) but with a scrappy strippy patchwork look. Would a messenger bag with a baby dragon on it count – even if it was my son’s?

  5. I have two. One made from a Tiny Happy tutorial and a clutch made from some other pattern I found free online. I also made a crayon/coloring bag for each of my sons, one of which I use to take his things to the daycare at the gym. Does that one count as me using it? 😉
    Love your bags! Especially your diaper bag.

  6. I have 9 that I’ve made. I’ve made more,but the others were gifts. I want to make more, but how many do I really need? Silly question, huh?

  7. I went to my picturetrail account and counted 19 there. I don’t post pictures on it anymore, so I think maybe 5-7 more and one in progress now. Most of these have been gifts and I have sold some. You have more variety, I made the same basic bag many times then went onto Autum’s bag. So it is in spurts. Great picture BTW,

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  9. I love your bag gallery, very nice.

    Great question. I started with making a little card holder and tissue holder for my purse this progressed to a small zippered pouch for pills when I travel, then on to designing a carry bag for back and forth to work, then I started adding quilted pockets to canvas bags and donating or giving them away. I make a crazy quilted evening bag with beads and have settled in recently to grocery bags, lots of grocery bags. Yes, I am a bagaholic.
    I think I will put this evolution in picture form on my blog, thanks for the inspiration.

  10. I currently have 22. Yes, I made them all, use/used them all. I’ve made many more for gifts, charity donations and have sold some too. I may have another in my repurpose pile, I just didn’t take the time to check. I should have a yard sale, but I just can’t part with some of them 🙂
    You can see some of them here:
    Happy stitchin’

  11. Don’t they look pretty all displayed like that!

    I should just start counting what’s in the girl’s room alone . . . but then some days it’s too scary to walk in there for fear of stepping on a clothing mine.

  12. I recognized all of those bags! I may make a lot of bags but I only use 3… and only 1 regularly. I don’t think I’m going to win this one!

  13. I love all your bags! The fabrics are really great. (Do you find fabric near where you live or do you order it?)

    I can think of four handmade bags that I use right now (three felted, one sewn). My daughter has a couple more that I’ve made. One of my bags looks a lot like your felted drawstring tote! It’s the same shade of green and looks like the same pattern. 🙂

  14. I love your bags, especially the Poetry Collection strip bag! I have some leftovers from the quilt so I’ll have to make a bag out of them. I’ve only made 3 bags so far, one was a gift. I actually hardly use them, I didn’t line the one and it’s really flimsy.

  15. It’s been a little while since I checked in! You’ve got a whole new look going I had to make sure it was you! 🙂 Looks clean and summery. As for bags… I have quite a stash too and especially during the summer love to change them up quite a bit. You’ve got some beauties!

  16. Nice work on the bags! That is aweome and I love the new look of y our blog, very fun. I just made my first Amy Butler bag for one of my best friends birthday and I’m so excited to give it to her!

  17. You can never have too many bags!! If you run out of room in your closet, you can always hang them on the wall. After all they are a work of art.

    Knowing you have so many bags makes me feel better about my colection.

    Oh, and I love the new look of your blog.

  18. I just found your blog today, and LOVE all your bags! I am a quilter and keep meaning to do some bags, just haven’t made the leap!

    I love your cabinet that the handbags are displayed on…where did you find that?

    Cathi in Ireland

  19. I, too, will not win this one! I have made a dozen or so bags, but I have given all of them away. I have only kept one for myself and that was only because I wasn’t satisfied enough with the way it came out to bestow it upon anyone! You can see most of them on my flickr site- Joanna’s scraps

  20. The red strip bag is yummy! No handmade bags over here unless I can count the 5 unfinished ones I have stashed all over the place. I have plenty of the store bought kind though! When it comes to accessories I must admit I’m no vegetarian. Mmmmm, leather…

  21. Do bags under my eyes count? I have 6 kids…one homemade, 5 adopted and we are working on our Dossier for our Guatemalan adoption God is walking us through presently 😉

    Luckily my bags soon will be ‘packed’ as I found our from my dear doctor that I am anemic, so with the iron suppliment in 3 months I should be bag-free. Not that I wouldn’t love to win your bag contest.

    I know I didn’t really play by the rules, but sometimes you just have to follow your heart. God is good!

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted
    please come meet us-I love new friends with nice bags 😉

  22. I am for sure a bagaholic! Right now, sitting on my kitchen counter is 5 handmade bags that I switch out from day to day. I have an addiction to fabric buying…darned internet makes it so easy! You can see some of the bags I’ve made on my website.

    I love reading your blog! It’s so nice to “meet” someone with my same interests!! Happy Sewing!


  23. wow! I’ve made a few bags but given most of them away. Your bags are awesome and inspiring. Maybe I’ll have to get out that fabric and make a bag as a break now that I’m done with the wardrobe contest!

  24. What a cute collection!

    Well I won’t win :-(. Most of my bags are inventory for my etsy shop. I just have for myself 1 bag and for my daughter 1 ballet dance bag. Plus I gave one away on a contest on my blog.

    By the way, where did you get that cabinet? I am in dire need of something like that!

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  26. I am definately a bagaholic. Even as young as 2, I would have a bag with me wherever I went and my mom would call me the ‘bag lady’. I have at least 12 bags, some of which I made, not including purses. I’d love your bags- you have beautiful handiwork. I just stumbled across your blog and will enjoy looking over it more! 🙂

  27. I REALLY need help! I am the “handpaintedbaglady” and hand paint too many bags! I sell many and do many others as custom orders, but when I am bored, I create YET ANOTHER ONE for myself! If I see a PLAIN leather bag, I HAVE to create some design on it! It is getting silly because I have NO more closets to store them!

    • Well, we have the SAME addiction! I continue to make, even though I don’t need. Selling some is good, but its also nice to have friends with daughters that I can pass them on to. 🙂

  28. Nice bag gallery.
    I know I am late coming here, but still…
    I have lost count how many bags I have made. Literally.
    I make them from old jeans and sell them to raise money for a charity. I’ve raised about £4000 over two years. Working on averages that means I must have made well over 500 bags – and I probably have about 300 stored away for this season’s sales. But that’s a very rough guess and it may well be more – I have finished 10 bags this week, for example. Interesting question!

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