Copyright Follow-Up – Fair Use

What I really like about my friend Cindy, besides the fact that she sews and blogs is that she is honest.  I would much rather have an honest person tell me what they think, than someone tell me what I want to hear while their face tells me otherwise.  And because I appreciate honesty, I also try to be honest.  She told me that I sounded a bit miffed in my previous post.  Really?  I asked.  So I just want to set the record straight that I wasn’t angry.  In fact, I wouldn’t blog if I was angry.  I just don’t like to air my emotional laundry like that.  :o)  And just in case you dont’ already know, I am, in general, a happy person. :o)  See that smiley face?  That’s me.  :o) Happy! :o)

I also want to apologize to those of you that I made paranoid.  I have to mention that in my humble and absolutely non-lawyer-ish opinion, linking to other people’s blogs or sites is absolutely fine.  There is something called the “fair-use” doctrine that allows people to comment on copyrighted works.  Click the link to see more.

I’ve also been asked a bunch of follow-up questions.  Lots of interesting stuff.  I’ll keep doing my research and perhaps see a intellectual property attorney and give you my 2 cents at that time.  I want to be careful not to act like I know what I’m talking about when I’ve just barely scratched the surface.  Thanks for ALL your notes of encouragement.  It sounds like we crafter/bloggers struggle with a lot of the same things.

Let me leave you with the funniest honest thing Cindy told me last week while we were sewing together late one night:  “The next time you take a picture for your Mini Patchfolio cover, you might want to use a nicer pen.”  That cracked me up because all my pens are cheapy pens and I thought no one would notice.  Ha!  She’s absolutely right, of course.  :o)  Look for nicer pens in the future, Cindy!

10 thoughts on “Copyright Follow-Up – Fair Use

  1. Well, I’m glad that you like that about me. I’m an aquired taste to some. Foot in Mouth Syndrome. And come to think of it, you are a happy person. Always looking at the bright side of things. Spending time with you is always a highlight for me! I hope you had a great time at the zoo and brought all of your monkeys home with you.

  2. I also noticed the pen also. 😉 Also, for the pictures on your website, you might want to add watermarks with your name in an area where people cannot crop it out. Just a thought. 😉

  3. I missed your original post but I wanted to comment here that cutting and pasting is just so in violation of copyright that it is beyond me that someone thought that was ok. And why would someone want to cut and paste someone else’s work? If it’s worth the time to do that why wouldn’t they do their own? (I really don’t expect answers to these questions!) I don’t get that at all. And btw, derivative patterns may be covered by copyright but I want to point out that all patterns are derivative, only the judge gets to make the final decision on that one. It’s a good reminder though that we have to be careful when using other people’s work for inspiration… you never know when you are going to cross the legal line. And I don’t think your post sounded angry, maybe a little tense (and who wouldn’t be?) but not angry. And color coordinating pens may be nice touch!

  4. Linda, always such a pleasure to read your blog. I too had noticed the pen. I recently just picked up some really “Stylish” ones at our local dollar tree and they even come three to a pack not bad for a buck. Cindy sounds like a lot of fun.

  5. Hi Linda… Well… I am not really sure I agree with your friend Cindy… went back and looked at your patchfolio pics… the pen is alright… at least it’s not a chewed up “BIC”… LOL… But I’m glad your friend seemed to put some perspective on things for you!!! Friends have a way of doing that… :o)


  6. One of my hot topics as well :} Lots of info here:
    and here

    You can also add Copyscape to your page. It will tell you where, if it happens, your work is showing up.Google Alerts does the same thing for any phrase/blog.

    Linking is flattering IF it’s to the entry: credit is automatically there, even if the surrounding text is less than sweet tempered :] (Ask me how i felt about *that* one) Hotlinking to a photo is nasty. Copying and pasting is even nastier!

    Down and dirty is simple–if it ain’t yours, don’t say it is. When i “interpret” something, i say who the original artist was. Easy. When that person does a Google and your entry pops up, there it is in understandable terms—99% will be pleased they are an influence, the other 27% 🙂 will ask you to take it down. Have had it happen both ways to me/from me.

    The net IS public. Everything will be seen at some point, even cheating and lying!

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