Chimney Sweep Quilt

Last week I decided to have my sewing student start on her first quilt – a small doll quilt made up of 20 pieced squares.  As she was working on it, I realized that it had been a long time since I’d made a real quilt and I missed it. Then, further spurred on by Sew, Mama, Sew!’s Quilt Month features, I decided to make a baby quilt.   

While I love all the quilts I’ve been seeing, for some reason the ones that I tear out of magazines for inspiration are always pieced squares.  I looked through my inspiration folder and pulled out this picture that I had saved from a catalog.  I went through all my scraps and pulled out any and all fabrics that looked like anything resembling pink and started cutting 3-inch squares.  365 squares.  The oldest pieces of fabrics are 7 years old.  Then newest just a couple of months.  I don’t think the fabrics look like they go together up close

chimney sweep quilt closeup

or even far off,

chimney sweep quilt

but the quilting lines seem to pull everything together.  I backed it with large panels of pink from my stash:

chimney sweep quilt back

And for the first time in years my stash is amazingly pink-free.  I have a couple of friends that are expecting.  I’m really hoping one of them has a baby girl that can enjoy and spit up on this quilt!  :o)

chimney sweep quilt in the sun

My method of wrinkling (that I’ve mentioned before) is below.

1. Pre-wash your cotton fabric first.

2. Use Warm&Natural batting. 

3. Piece, quilt, and bind

4. Throw it in the washer on warm.

5. Dry on low.

58 thoughts on “Chimney Sweep Quilt

  1. I love this – it’s gorgeous! I especially like the combination of the the front pieced squares with the large pieced back. Adorable!

  2. What a beautiful quilt, and a lovely baby gift! I’m finding Sew Mama Sew’s quilting month really inspiring too. I love the pinks and reds you’ve used here.

  3. Wow, Linda, this is so pretty! I think the different pinks came together really well.

    I’ve got the quilting bug again right now, too, paired with the time-to-whittle-down-the-fabric bug, so thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

  4. Sundance , right?!?!? I have the same photo on my bulletin board at work. I want to do mine green and white. I’ve drawn it on scrap paper 100 times at least. Did you make yours from indiviual squares? May I ask the size of the squares. Yours is simply stunning– I picture it under an oak tree for a picnic.

  5. Oh this is fantastic! I have a baby quilt to make and have been going around and around on what design to do… Thanks for the inspiration!

    (p.s. I recognize a few of those fabrics from my own stash, one I just picked up this weekend!)

  6. How cute. I love all your pinks. Somehow, I never end up with pinks. If I buy them, I use them and there are very few in my stash.

    I’m cutting 3 inch squares from my scraps for a quilt – 360 and also 60 5 inch squares.

    You did a beautiful job on the quilting, too. I love the back side!

  7. I love it! Since having a little girl of my own I can’t get enough pink! As always, I love the Poetry fabric. I can’t wait to have more of a stash so I can throw something like this together without having to buy everything for a particular project. Sometimes it ends up too matchy.

  8. Great quilt, Linda! It is absolutely beautiful.

    I have an idea, if none of your friends have a girl, *I* happen to be a girl. I think I could curl up and fit under it 🙂

  9. I love this quilt. I made my first two girls a quilt but not my third girl. Luckily she is more into fleece than quilts. But still as an adult she is going to wonder where her quilt is. You inspire me but i don’t have time—too busy packing.

  10. Oh how nice! I’m so afraid to quit – so many details 🙂 I finished my seamstress apron – love it! You can see a pic of it on my blog. Thanks for such a great idea / pattern!

  11. LOVE it! Eyeing the quilt from a bit of distance the colors do all work. It has a wonderful heirloom quality, just lovely. And thanks for you wrinkle tips…those are wrinkles I don’t mind! ;o) Happy Day ((HUGS))

  12. I think it’s lovely! I too am drawn to quilts that are just pieced squares. Irish chains, and trip around the world are a couple of my favorites. I love the look of “postage stamp” quilts, but I doubt I’d ever have the patience for one!

  13. I’m in awe – it’s very beautiful. I’ve just finished putting together the top of my first quilt attempt – just a plain doll quilt for my daughter. I’ve still got a lot to learn!

  14. Hi—I’ve been reading your blog forever. What size squares did you use on this quilt? It is so pretty. I love scrappy quilts, and I always am drawn to the square ones as well. I think I ripped that picture out for inspiration as well. Beautiful. Don’t second guess yourself. A handmade quilt is such a sweet meaningful gift. Whoever gets it will love it too.

  15. Linda – I think this is fantastic! I have a design for a little boy quilt in my head. I have the fabric (bolts of it, ha ha) but finding the time…well that’s another story!

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