Tagged. Then tagged again. And again. And now feeling very guilty.

Has anyone noticed?  I have tag phobia.  Yep, a fear of being tagged spurred on by the fear of having to post the tags.  Maybe it’s a fear of revealing that besides sewing I don’t do a whole lot else?  But after putting off 3 tags from different people, I’ve been shamed into posting!  

Melanie tagged me for a name meme.  Shannon tagged me for 7 random facts.  My Sew Called Life tagged me for a meme of fours.  Whew!  Put your reading glasses on!   🙂

 L:  L is for little.  Not only am I the youngest in my family, but I was always the shortest. Then just a couple years ago my chiropractor discovered that I’m missing a vertebra.  And not one of the little ones near the top – one of the big ones – T12, to be exact.  I blame my shortness on my missing vertebra.

 I:  I is for indoor soccer.  Hubby has been playing for years.  And after watching the kids play for a few seasons I finally joined a beginner’s co-ed team a couple of weeks ago.  Wow – after that first game I was in incredible pain.  Who knew that 6 years of being relatively sedentary would hurt that much?  Now I know when people say, “Oh you’re active chasing those kids around!” it’s really not true.

N:  N is for NPR.  We download This American Life and Radio Lab and if I’m ever driving around by myself that’s what I listen to.

D: D is for dairy-free.  I don’t drink milk  eat dairy anymore and I feel SO MUCH better.

A:  A is for allergies.  In the last few years I’ve gone from being relatively normal to being unable to wear makeup or use hair products.  If I’m outside for any length of time, I’ll need to shower to wash the pollen out.

My name has 5 letters, so I’m adding two more because 5+2=7 and then I’ll be set for the 7 random things meme, too.  Clever, eh?

6:  I like playing piano.  I’m not any good.  In fact, it takes me months to learn a song, but once I get it it’s nice to be able to just sit down and play.  My latest song is Sleeper’s Awake by Bach.  Very pretty and relaxing.

7:  I sleep on my back.  But not just on my back, I sleep without a pillow under my head.  Then, to keep my head from rolling to one side or the other, which results in a headache, I have a neck pillow on each side of my head.  Yep, my head is wedged in between two flat-sided pillows.  It’s taken me years to figure out how to sleep and now I’m a happy sleeper but hubby says I look funny.  🙂

Four jobs I have had ~

1.  Gymnastics coach to expats living in Taiwan.  50% of my students were Japanese and I was able to teach gymnastics not only in English and Chinese, but also Japanese.  Just for the record, I wasn’t speaking in whole sentences.  🙂

2.  Waitress in a Korean restaurant.  Bi Bim Bop in a hot stone bowl is my favorite Korean dish.

3. School-based Occuational Therapist for kids preschool to highschool.

4. Admissions assistant for the OT department when I was in school.

Four places I’ve lived

1.  Taipei, Taiwan (age 0-17)

2.  Grand Rapids, Michigan

3. Ann Arbor, Michigan

4. Fort Worth, Texas

Four Shows I watch

Not much of a TV girl…  When I need to iron my fabric I can usually find something I don’t mind watching.  As long as it isn’t too scary, racy, or violent.

Four places I have been

1.  The Vatican.  I saw Pope John Paul II when my parents took our family through Europe in the 80s.  He was a tiny little dot of white in front of a sea of people.

2. The Areopagus. This was the place where Paul preached to the Greecian philosophers about the “unknown god”.  Same trip as above.

3.  Singapore.  I took my gymnastics team there for a competition and had a great time.  I was struck by the diversity of cultures that lived so close together.  Singapore would be a neat place to live.

4. Hong Kong.  I haven’t been there since it was turned back over to the PRC.  I wonder if it’s still the same.  I loved walking everywhere because things were so close and realizing when I came home that I’d lost weight without even knowing it.

Favorite things to eat

1.  BiBimBop (see above)

2. Hokkaido Soft Milk Candies I haven’t had these in years.

3. NaiSu bread.  I haven’t had this in years either.  When I was pregnant I would dream about eating this stuff.  It’s like a French pastry that has a rich dry filling.  Can you hear me drooling?

4. Dutch almond banket.  Does it get any bettern than almond paste?  Yum Yum.

Four places I would rather be

I’m pretty happy with my life, but one day it might be nice to live in Asia again.  I really miss it.

Four things I look forward to this year

1. Putting out another pattern or two.

2.  Starting my youngest in Kindergarten.

3. Visiting my sister this summer.

4. Planning a family vacation for later in the year.

 That took a lot of thought.  But it was nice to take a trip down memory lane.  Thanks for tagging me, ladies!  Is there anyone who wants to play along?  Then you’re it!  Let me know if you play so I can come and read!

12 thoughts on “Tagged. Then tagged again. And again. And now feeling very guilty.

  1. I LOVE Dutch Almond Banket! My “grandma”, who was from the Netherlands, would make this for us every Christmas. Yummy!

    I agree with you about Singapore. It’s pretty amazing and such a mix of cultures.

    It was nice to learn more about you!

  2. I don’t know what Bi Bim Bop is, but it sure is fun to try to say. And I’m with you on the TV. No kissing! Ewwww. =) Also, I am so amazed about the soccer! Wow. Good for you!

  3. That was a really interesting post!

    If you can stay between your two pillows, you must not move around much when you sleep. I’m totally the opposite with the sleeping thing. I can’t lay flat because I have some kind of vertigo issue. So I prop myself up on three pillows and I usually sleep on my side.

  4. WOW! That must have been exhausting. You did a great job writing all of that, I really enjoyed reading it. You are quite a gal! Keep writing and sewing…you’re great at both.

  5. wow! we’re so happy you linked us. you’re very sweet. please email us and we will send you a bag of Hokkaido for free! sorry we just found your link to us. have a zen day! ~soshina!!

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