Pears! (& corn & cows)

I first spotted this fabric in October at Quilt Market.  I liked it SO much – this was the print that first got me thinking about purchasing fabric by the bolt.  By the time I got around to ordering, it was out of stock and being reprinted.  I had to wait months for it to arrive.  I was a bit afraid that when I opened the package I wouldn’t like it anymore.  But I was so wrong!  It’s still very me.  So much so that I even thought for a moment of changing my name to Craft Pear.  (Okay, not really.  But ONLY because it wouldn’t make any sense.) 

Pear Fabric

I haven’t gotten much of a chance to play with it, except to make this one little notebook cover.  Too much else on the brain these days – especially after watching King Corn (you gotta Netflix it).  I was on the brink of changing the meat we eat but after watching this movie, I’m through with corn-fed, feed-lot beef.  I’m such a city girl and had NO CLUE.  I’ve already found a local farm that will sell me grass-fed meat and I’m very excited!  I’m also through with high-fructose corn syrup, much to the dismay of my son’s soccer teammates.  When I was passing out snacks this week, several of them were disappointed with their high-fructose-corn-syrup-free juice.  🙂

23 thoughts on “Pears! (& corn & cows)

  1. Love the fabric. I need to make another Nappy bag by Amy Butler and I can’t find decent fabric. Any ideas on where to get some great fabric? All we have locally is Joannes. We have a quilt shop but the owner doesn’t carry/like Amy Butler….Gasp!

  2. I love the fabric you pick, you have such good taste! Come fill my stash! My father raises grass feed free range beef. He has two hundred head right now. We started changing our eating a while back. My down fall is Diet Dr. Pepper though. I cut my consumption in 1/2 this year, I just am not ready to give it up totally! My children were and still are the hardest to get to change their eating. Some times it can be quite painful with them. Stick to it, they will appreciate it some day. I don’t know when, but someday!

  3. That is beautiful fabric. What fun to have an entire bolt to create with.

    We have recently changed the way we eat as well. Even more than we already had. I am making all my own bread with freshly milled whole grains and no high fructose corn syrup 🙂 I was convinced when I went to the store for 100% whole greain hamburger buns and found high fructose corn syrup in the mix. What’s with that????

    Enjoy your fabric! And please continue to share all you do. I love your blog.

  4. How funny. We do this kind of torture to our girls soccer teams, too! They are getting used to it. We really do like what we get used to these days.

    By the way, like the pears!

  5. That fabric is still cute. And look how well it goes with the Amy Butler fabric! Is that pin cushion made from the same fabric as Jen’s diaper bag?

  6. Ah yes, soccer snacks… When I played sports (in England) you took your own drink and were just given orange quarters at half time. I was therefore quite surprised when my 4 year old’s team apparently required juice boxes and crackers and the like…

    That is great fabric. My local Jo-Anns just doesn’t compete…

  7. Everything you create is so lovely!
    We saw King Corn on PBS too – very well done, and quite a message – thought the final scene was eloquent beyong words (I’ll just say – the “playing field” – not to give anything away!).
    We’re planning on getting grass feed beef now too :]

  8. Good luck on the corn syrup. I give it up for Passover and I’m amazed how much the body feels the difference.. makes you want to stop ever eating it but the withdrawl sucks in the mean time.

  9. Your notebook cover…love it. Great fabric. This made me giggle because for some strange reason your tale of the fabric reminded me of when I first met my husband. I saw him for a brief moment and thought he was gorgeous and then the next time I was about to see him I remember thinking “I hope he’s as cute as I remember” LOL. Glad it worked out for both of us. hehe

  10. Fantastic fabric! How/where can you buy by the bolt???

    HFCS – haven’t completely cut it, but reduced it. It happens naturally when you eat less processed foods.

  11. I haven’t thought about looking for HFCS and trying to eliminate it, but I doubt we consume much of it. We eat mostly natural foods. Not expensive, fancy and organic food (can’t afford that), but just minimally processed food. I guess it’s just because I like to cook and bake from scratch. And we don’t really drink juice or buy juice boxes or soda. (We like sweet tea if we want a sweet drink fix.) I grew up not being allowed to eat almost any kind of junk food, which must have made an impression on me. But I still love a candy bar or a fistful of Doritos sometimes! Usually I eat those kinds of things at someone else’s house, or at church events, where junky stuff seems to thrive. =0)

    Interesting about the movie King Corn–I’ll have to look for it. Their website says that most Americans spend $40 per week per person on food, and that “minimal” cost is a result of cheap processed food. But I spend less than that ($120 or so a week for four of us) and most of it is just fresh ingredients to use to cook things, not boxed ready-to-go food!

    Love the pear!

  12. I love pears!!!…a few months ago I found the most perfect pear fabric and did not buy it. Everytime I go back to that store I look for it and bum myself out wishing I have bought it in the first place. Love it! Love it! 🙂

  13. Gorgeous fabric!! I haven’t seen the documentary yet, but we’ve recently done away with all high-fructose corn syrups and the like. My kids love fruit, but it still seems like we get plenty of opportunity for sweets around here! A few changes like this and I’ve become so much more vigilant about buying real food (there was so little food in our food!) We all feel great about it. Good luck to you and your family, too!

  14. The fabric is great! What fun to have a whole bolt of anything!

    I just heard about the corn-fed cow business and the antibiotics that they’re given. Scary!!! Corn-fed has always sounded so healthy. Quess not!!!


  15. I love the pears! It was worth waiting for the fabric. I’ve never heard of Kokka fabric before but now I will be looking for it everywhere! Where did you order it from?

  16. You’ll be happy you made the food change. It’s been a good year since we cut 99% of the processed foods out of our diets. Ouch, was that hard going cold turkey like that. Now I really enjoy my bread making, sauce making, cookie making, etc. We use sugars in their natural state as well as whole grains that have been soaked or sprouted. In this my High blood pressure has returned to normal, the migraines are gone, our oldest has nearly stopped showing signs of AD/HD and the twins’ severe eczema is gone. It was a hard road at the beginning, but looking back I am so glad we did it!

    Love the fabric, BTW, and the note book cover. I’ve always liked pears on crafts and the like. When I painted they were a favorite subject of mine.

  17. We already eat SO healthy over here, but still eat non-organic corn chips, until I saw this on Oprah yesterday…

    Harmful chemicals may be lurking in a snack or bread aisle near you, which is why Sophie says it’s important to make sure the corn, wheat and oats you feed your family are organic. Look for products like the ones above that call out organic ingredients.

    “They have found tremendous amounts of organophosphate pesticides in processed foods like corn chips and popcorn, things that our kids eat a lot of,” Sophie says. “So, again, if you can go organic with that, great idea.”

    I’ve put King Corn in my queue, says it’s available the 29th. Thanks for writing about it!

  18. yes. i am in complete sympathy. watched “corn king” 2 weeks ago and came to the exact same conclusions. went to the cabinet and was shocked to find hfcs even in my can of tomato soup. i am a city girl as well and i’m still looking for a place to buy our meat, and i’m trying to be very careful about all of our food from now on.

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