The Chemisette Handbag Pattern

chemisette cover s

It’s finally ready!  I made Moda’s deadline for Quilt Market submissions, but didn’t get my pattern sheets back until today so that makes today pattern launch day!  Yay!  You know it’s funny, one of the big reasons I planned a big photo shoot was because I didn’t want my back fence in the background.  What picture do I end up selecting for the cover?  Weathered wood in the background.  In my defense, it isn’t a fence – its this artsy-weathered-wood-on-a-wall thingy – but it sure looks like a fence!

HUGE thanks to my pattern testers:
Lara of Thornberry
Cindy of Revel-Designs
Michelle of Greeting Arts

All wonderful sewers and excellent reviewers. Thank you!

chemisette \shĕ-mi-źĕt\: little chemise.
Inspired by a chemise that was worn under a corset in the middle ages, this bag reflects the past with a fresh look through the use of bright, modern fabrics.

The pattern includes 2 styles.  The Gathered Chemise (above) and the Florentine (flat) Chemise (below).  The Gathered Chemise is my favorite, but a flat panel is great for centering a large design or embellishing. 

florentine chemisette handbag

The pattern is available in my shop!

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