2009 Advent Calendar Sew Along

Every November for the past few years I’ve thought about making an advent calendar for the kids.  And on December 1 of every year I sigh and think, maybe next year

THIS year, it’s going to be different.  My sister and I have decided to start our advent calendar in January. Would you like to join us?  You can use any design you’d like to be part of the sew along OR  if you’d like, you can use this nifty one that my sis made up: 25 little stockings to hang.  Aren’t they cute?


I’ll probably iron-on some numbers on the cuffs, since I’m not an embroiderer – but embroidery would look soooo cute!

Join us!  Take the button.

2009 Advent Calendar Sew Along

Join the group.

Check out the tutorial.

And have a Happy New Year!

50 thoughts on “2009 Advent Calendar Sew Along

  1. So, is this a sew along for any kind of advent calendar or just the cute little mini-stockings. I just saw a really cute embroidered thing a day or two ago that I thought about doing. And I had the exact thought that I should start NOW and not think about it only when we pull the tree and other decorations out.

  2. To bad… I FINALLY made an advent calendar for my children, and I have to admit that the lining and edgings weren’t all done until 10:th of december…

    The children loves it! You will find several posts (9 of them I think) in my blog! Some inspirations for all of you crafters that are joining perhaps??

  3. I’m in! I’m allways late with my Christmas projects and I never had time to make my advent calendar! This is just the best way to do it.
    And this design is so cute!

  4. I made this same pledge to myself last year – and finished up just in time for the holidays this year. (Even with my advance planning I was still a couple days late.) You’ll find pics and stories on my blog. Mine is hand knit instead of sewn, but the idea for stockings/socks is similar.

    Good luck – I’ll enjoy watching what people come up with over the next year!

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  6. I’m in with this! What a fantastic idea.

    I bought christmas fabric a few months ago and it’s still sitting in my craft box. I’ve been looking for a good pattern and I think yours is great.

    I’ll start as soon as I’ve finished the two bags I need to make for my mum and my partner’s mum.

    Ooo it’s very exciting!

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  8. Happy New Year!! Hmm I might think about this….good idea. I made a few Chemisettes for Christmas & they were a big hit!!

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  10. I LOVE this idea! I am a super HUGE sucker for advents and have quite a collection of them. One of my 2009 resolutions is to “keep the ‘Spirit of Christmas’ alive” all year long. Not just at the busy part of the season!!
    This will be so much fun, and help to keep me in the spirit of the season! Ü I am so glad i found you! Thank you for sharing such a FUN idea! I will be sure to send ALL my PrimMart (www.primmart.com) girlfriends your way!!! Ü

  11. What a great idea! We already have an Advent calendar but I just might have to make some of those cute stockings anyway!

    If it makes you feel any better … I’ve already started to think about Christmas gifts for 2009!

  12. I finally made one this year after thinking about it for years! It was so satisfying. If anyone wants to see mine, you can see it here:

    Advent calendar completed

    It’s a big tree cut out of felt with little embroidered pockets for each day. I love it!

  13. This is cute! I think I will join along, I am boring and always forget to do an advent so I end up buying the cholocate ones and my child always wants to eat them for BREAKFAST! Obviously I have some catching up to do but I am in! Jessica- I think I am envisioning mine on a piece of old string above the fire place clipped on with regular old clothespins or maybe even clipped to the garland going up the banister in the entryway, maybe boring and simple but and oldie can be a goodie.

  14. Hey I see you got a lot of questions about what you are doing with the finished product but I see no answers. I like this idea, but what do you do with them when you are done(other than fill them with sugary goodness)?

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  18. I’m going to join in. I found out about this sew along a couple of months ago, but couldn’t decide what kind of advent calendar I really wanted. I finally figured it out!!! And I am so excited about it! Thanks for this great sew along!

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