C-cubed Giveaway#2, 3, 4, 5…

The winners have made the choices and they are:

Sara (Lotus Bag)
Brooke (Flirty Skirty Bag)
Aunt Spicy (Mystery Bird Quilt – thanks for being willing to bind it!)
Jennifer (Lindie Bag)
Kathy (Chemisette Handbag)

What fun!  I really should go through my stuff more often!  Thanks for playing along!


Someone mentioned that I might want to sell some of this stuff on Etsy.  Truth is, if I’m going to accept $ for something it has to be pretty near perfect.  So many of these items have “issues”.  I also don’t feel right about selling things that I’ve used.  So I’m left with a lot of stuff.  Hopefully they’ll go to a loving home!

Originally I was going to give each item it’s own post, but that’s just going to take way too much time.  And it seems cruel to make you comment a bunch of times if you want something.  So here goes – everything else I want to give away is in this post…

 #2 The Lotus bag.  I like this bag, I really do, but quite honestly I have too many bags and this is one of my most rarely used ones. 

Lotus Bag

 Description: Made with Amy Butler’s Lotus fabric, lined with Denyse Schmidt’s Flea Market Fancy.  Two pockets.  Leather straps

Disclaimer: Gently used, will need to be ironed upon arrival because I plan on cramming this into a small box.  :o)



 #3 The Flirty Skirty Bag  Skirt Bag

Description:  Made out of a clearanced skirt.  Lined with canvas.  2 pockets.  Leather straps.

Disclaimer:  The skirt’s slip is sewed up kinda lamely.  Somehow the 2 pockets ended up at different heights.






#4: Mystery Quilt

birdMy next pattern is a quilt.  This is as much as I’m going to show of it.  :o)  The winner of this quilt has to promise not to show it on their blog until AFTER the pattern is released. 

Description:  Mystery quilt with a bird on it.

Disclaimer: I’m not proud of my quilting on this one.  It is NOT bound and will need to be bound.  I also didn’t do a good job with the backing fabric – it doesn’t go well.  Hmmm…is anyone going to actually want this one?

#5:  One of the original Lindie Bags

lindie giveaway

Description: Small bag – great for someone without kids, or a little girl.  Amy Butler’s Charm fabric on the exterior.  Button closure.

Disclaimer:  I carried this bag quite a bit, but when I changed wallets, it was too big for this bag.  It will need a good pressing upon arrival.





#6: Chemisette handbag prototype

chemisette giveaway

This was made before the final design change for the pattern.  I didn’t like how the straps came off of the bag.

Description:  New. Gathered top, magnetic closure, 2 interior pockets.

Disclaimer: None, except that I changed the design.




So that’s it!  First random commenter will get their choice.  2nd can pick from what’s left and so on.

189 thoughts on “C-cubed Giveaway#2, 3, 4, 5…

  1. I’m from Singapore, and really enjoy reading your page!

    Anyway, I do like the mystery quilt (#4) a lot, any chance for that to be shipped to Sg? =)

  2. Such fabulous goodies! I love a good mystery!! The quilt is quite intriguing. And anything red like the lotus bag? How can you go wrong?

  3. OhOh! Count me in too please! You have beautiful things, and they’re far FAR more advanced than anything I could make myself!

  4. Oh! You can never have too many bags can you?? I would looooove to win one of these. Although. I have to admit I am really curious about the quilt too..

    I never make bags, only clothes, but winning one can perhaps inspire me to new deeds!

  5. Hello Again, Oh I do hope I win! I love your site and would take some great pictures to put on my blog of anything that I win! Take Care- Kashoan

  6. everyone has already commented and claimed, but that mystery quilt looks beautiful – I won’t believe that it isn’t amazing. Although I love birds so maybe I’m a little biased.

  7. Oooh, the quilt is really looking cute and there is nothing perfect in my house…it would fit right in.

    My fave’s in order are 4, 2, 6, 5

  8. I love the mystery quilt. I like the Lindie bag but my husband puts way to much stuff in my purse. Now I know what my mom felt like when my brother and I were kids and she had to tote all of our stuff and our dad’s stuff. No wonder she carried such large purses.

  9. I would LOVE any of the above!!!!! I still can’t believe you are getting rid of such “Great & Cute” stuff! Again, thanks for the opportunity to win it!

  10. I am sure it is all spoken for by now but just wanted to say what a fabulous give away! Thanks for sharing your goodies with us!

  11. I have purchased patterns from you before and I think your work is beautiful. I love this blog, and this giveaway.

  12. I like #1 and #2 the best. This is a great idea. I have several things that I’ve made that are awesome but have some small flaw or something I don’t quite like. I’ve been throwing them in the basement when I don’t need them for myself. Maybe I’ll try to give them away soon!

  13. Hi, I’ve read everyone of your posts for a long time now and I absolutely love your work! I ADORE a lot of these items and would really, really like to win one. I live in New Zealand though, but could help pay postage.

  14. I can’t believe how generous you are! If by some miracle I do win, I live in France, so I’m not sure if that means I’m still in the running. I could help with shipping or something!

  15. Being pretty near to imperfect myself, means that I would pretty well fit any of these cute items. Im in New Zealand though, so not sure how that stacks up. Should I be unsuccessful then I will still loyally follow you… 🙂 Cheers Liz

  16. Wow! What a great giveaway. I’ve loved your Chemisette handbag from the first time you posted it. Thanks for the chance to enter. I’ve been reading you from afar for some time now.

  17. Awesome, look at all those Craft Apple originals! 🙂 Thanks for the generosity, and thanks for the inspiration to clean out my own closets. Happy New Year!

  18. WOW! You are so awesome for doing this! How fun! I LOVE LOVE that lotus handbag! Everything about it is wonderful! Plus, how fun to have a bag with such character! Also, I love the quilt!

  19. I wish I had people lined up to nab my used goodies! Brilliant idea. I love the hand bags and the quilt is definitely adorable from what we can see.

  20. I have tons of bags myself, but almost no quilts (I give them all away). I love the little bird. I’m sure your quilting is just fine. We beat ourselves up over that kind of stuff too much.

  21. The little birdie is just TOO cute – I’ve been smitten since you first posted the poor little wingless-eyeless mite.

    Please enter me into your drawing… heck, I’d even take it as a UFO!!

  22. oh wow … what a great giveaway. I would be thrilled to win any one of these great items. Thanks for the chance. Come on random generator – pick my number

  23. It’s so kind of you to be willing to give these things away. I love them all! I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed! 🙂

  24. The Lotus bag– Swoon! But yeah, I’m echoing others in that any of those would be so awesome to win. *crossing fingers*

  25. Really? Seriously you are giving away a quilt? I can already tell I adore #4 “Mystery-Quilt-Extrodinaire”! That bird is just perfect! Scout’s honor that I will: 1) bind the quilt in a fabric to unite the front and back (though seeing your work, I am sure they work very well together) 2) not post the quilt on my blog till you give the a-ok (though the anticipation may be torture), and 3) to love the quilt, curl up with it often, and let it warm up the room! Gosh, my fingers are crossed!

  26. Either 2, 4 or 6 for me. What wonderful items to be given away. I understand your feelings about how something must be perfect…I must have a stash of 10 wonderful, perfectly lovely items that have imperfections too.

  27. You are so generous to give these things away! Hope that I am one chosen, and if not, congrats to those who are!

  28. Can’t believe that I could be one to win something from you…especially the quilt or the bags especially the last bag….But I am hoping with all fingers crossed. 🙂

  29. I’d feel privileged to become the owner of anything you have crafted. I like that you are so humble as to declare faults probably only you can see. However I’m a long long way away and I don’t expect to win, shipping would be too dear, but it’s a lovely idea anyway.
    Take care
    from a fellow home-educator across the water

  30. Are you still taking comments? I hope so, though if picked, it would be a tough choice. Thanks for your generosity!


  31. Ooh! That’s just about the best grouping of giveaway items I can imagine. My fingers are crossed, but i don’t know what I’d pick. I hope I end with that dilemma! Thanks!


  32. I’d love ANY of your pieces – no matter how “imperfect” they are!! Please enter me in your very generous drawing!!

  33. I love all your bags and would definitely NOT turn down a chance at that quilt! Thanks for the chance to win,
    🙂 Lise

  34. Please enter me. I love your lotus bag and my second choice would be the Chemisette handbag prototype.

    Thank you

  35. I’m too late, I think. I’ve loved the lotus bag since you posted it the first time, but would be happy with anything made by your hands! Hope you had a happy new year and can’t wait to read what you do in 2009!

  36. I love the birdie on the quilt. You’d have my promise not to show it on a blog because I don’t even have a blog!!! My sister’s having a girl after two boys and the sneak peak of the quilt looks like it would be perfect for a little girl. My Mom would happily bind it. I really think I’m too late… I love your work!

  37. i would love to enter in this contest! is this the only thing that i need to do is leave a comment! i would pick any of the things that you are giving away! they are awesome! i guess my number one thing would be the bird quilt – my daughter’s bedroom is done in birds!

  38. I love everything. It would be so awesome. What a great surprise if I do win!!
    Thanks such a great giveaway.

  39. Would love to win any of your handmade items. Your website has inspired me to get back to sewing. Thanks!

  40. longtime lurker, first time commenter:) When I decided I would like to learn to sew and quilt yours was one of the first sewing blogs I added to my bloglines. I was sucked it hook line and sinker when I saw all the wonderful purses and bags you had on there. I’m am now very curious to know what the rest of the bird quilt looks like.

  41. I’d love a chance to win one of these items, I just love Amy Butler fabrics. Actually, I am making my beginners course sampler quilt with Amy’s fabrics! You make beautiful things, I’d be proud to own one of them!

  42. Thanks for all the inspiration you bring to new crafters like me!

    I really like the lotus bag, but everything is so amazing.

  43. You have a lot of comments so I don’t think I am in the running but I love all your items. I’d especially love to have the Lotus Bag or Mystery Quilt…honestly I’ve never owned a handmade quilt. Isn’t that sad?

  44. Wowzers that is a lot of comments already! 🙂 Well I would love to be included in the giveaway for the mystery quilt 🙂 I love that little bird! (And I promise not to show the quilt until you give the okay 🙂

  45. I’d be happy to win any of them. Thanks for the giveaway! (and I also promise to keep the bird caged until the release of the pattern 🙂

  46. We would gladly accept your mystery quilt for our Hugs Ministry. We make quilts, pair them with a stuffie and give them to the local fire and sheriffs departments for kids in crisis situations. Those kids don’t care about perfection, only the fact that someone did something for them. Thank you for the opportunity. Take care and God bless, Cory

  47. Ooh, I would love to jump in to this little contest – I think everything you make is fabulous, even with a few so-called flaws. :o)

  48. How wonderful that you would want to give up some of your things so that others could enjoy them. i would be delighted, honored and feel blessed to have won any of the selections. I will be hoping.

  49. Wow, what a fun giveaway. All the items look cool. I agree the mystery quilt looks like to much fun. Count me in.

  50. What a great idea. I love all of the bags.
    I think I might do the same thing when I get around to destashing yarn!

  51. Oh how exciting! Thanks for such a great choice. I’m heading to my craft room to start cleaning out right now!

  52. I love birds— so the quilt would be my first pic – then 2nd the lotus bag & thirdly the skirt bag! I would love to win = what a fun giveaway! 🙂 Kristin R. mamma to Claudia

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