Favorite Things: Interfacing

Probably the most asked question I get is, “What kind of interfacing do you use?” This is an easy question to answer, but my responses always end up being long-winded. I think the choices in things like interfacing come from trying different kinds until you come up with one that you really like. I sew mainly non-clothing items so my preference is based on the kind of sewing I do.

First off, I prefer fusible to sew in. And I don’t like the glue that comes in little dots on the back of the fabric – too bumpy for me.  I also prefer non-woven to woven.  Again, just a preference.

Smart Bag - BelleThis bag originally posted about here.

I remember back when I was making my fifth or sixth Smart Handbag from Amy Butler’s pattern, I had a small piece of interfacing that I loved but couldn’t seem to find again. I took it with me to JoAnn’s and tried to find a perfect match to no avail. Finally, long after I had given up, I found it again at WalMart. Whew! Eventually I bought a 30 yard bolt and I think I’m on my 3rd bolt right now.  So what’s my favorite?

Armo FusiForm Suitweight by HTCW Inc.

Available online here.

I like how it gives purse pockets nice stability, provides stiffness for the outside of a bag while still allowing it to stay soft.  I personally can’t stand a floppy bag. See how this little one stands up on it’s own? Ahhh.

Smart Bag Inside - Belle

It’s also what I use to interface the interiors of Patchfolios and Little Artist Drawing Cases and everything else that calls for interfacing.  So versatile.  And definitely one of my favorite sewing things.

17 thoughts on “Favorite Things: Interfacing

  1. Any tips for fusible interfacing? I’m a new ‘seamstress’ still and my first encounter with fusible was not good – even with a towel I still managed to ruin my iron. I’ve been using sew in ever since but am going to be making a diaper bag for myself here soon and the sew in duck cloth doesn’t provide as much stability as I’d like – just seems to make it really heavy.

  2. Thanks for the tips on interfacing. I often find myself standing in front of piles of the stuff at Joann’s, feeling absolutely clueless. Love the bag, great fabric combination! Stop by and visit my blog, I’m having a giving away a hand knitted & felted bag.

  3. I was about to do a post on the same subject. Interfacing really is a personal preference, which makes it kind of hard when writing patterns 🙂 Personally, I like sew-in, though I often combine it with the fusible you mentioned.

  4. I love seeing people’s favourite crafting items and gadgets and especially interfacing! This is just something I’m beginning to investigate and it really is a little overwhelming to start with. I usually just use the same fleece I use in my mini quilts but I think now I will be brave and start experimenting with real interfacing. Thank you!



  5. I’m always looking for good interfacing. Thanks for the tip. My current purse is so floppy that I’m going to switch it out this weekend for my current project. 🙂

  6. Oh I am so thankful I found this blog! As a new sewer, I had no idea where to begin with interfacing. I have been looking for advice but none of it was very helpful, until now! Any advice on needlepunching? My pattern says to use both, one, or neither of interfacing and needlepunch, but finding any useful info on that is impossible. I can’t wait to get started on my bag now!


  7. Really interesting. When faced with loads and loads of the SAME THING which all do THE SAME JOB in a store sometimes I just grab one without checking! Nice fabric on the bag by the way.

  8. is this your own twist of an amy butler pattern? i absolutely am in love with this bag!! it looks different from the link posted? can you point me in the right direction as to the pattern?

  9. Thanks for the tip on the fusible interfacing – I’m getting ready to buy some. Question for you…do you use both fusible interfacing AND fusible fleece in your handbags or by itself? Just wondering if it has enough stability to use alone. I’ve been playing around with difference interfacings for awhile now so I’m anxious to try this one.

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