I’ve had my ruffler foot for almost 2 years now and keep telling myself I need to play with it – I mean really spend some time making mistakes, seam ripping, and figuring things out. I finally had a chance this weekend! First up, let me introduce to you Ms. Ruffler:

ruffler 1

Looks like some sort of instrument of torture, doesn’t it? But it’s really fun, once you get the hang of it. I can adjust the ruffle length to create a pleat every 12 stitches, 6 stitches, or with every stitch. See the little adjustable thingy?



The only thing I don’t like about it is that it’s kind of loud, making me think there’s something wrong with my machine.  Here it is in action.

You see, I want to eventually make a quilt for the guest bed and I would love to bind it with a short ruffle (like this one).  I looked through a ton of my sewing books and online and couldn’t find good instructions to make a ruffle binding for a quilt.  I’m open to ideas!  After expending a whole lot of mental energy and lots of trail and error,  I was able to figure out a way to do it on a mini quilt, attaching some binding on top of the ruffle, then attaching the binding to the back.

 binding with a ruffle

But I think there must be a better way.  Below is the finished product on some of the books that are normally great resources.

little quilt with ruffle binding

And close up.


Now to psych myself up for making a full-sized quilt!!

35 Responses to “Ruffles!”

  1. 1 Vicki W April 13, 2009 at 6:22 pm

    Well that looks like it was very successful!

  2. 2 Natalie Jost April 13, 2009 at 6:46 pm

    Oh good lord, that’s SOME ruffle! I’m just getting the hang of making ruffles by hand. I’m absolutely enthralled with your gadget. Oh! thank you for the gifts you sent, I meant to say it a few days ago! :} I’m so glad the new pattern covers are working for you!!!

  3. 3 Beth April 13, 2009 at 6:50 pm

    Oh, the ruffle is so cute. I did a quick web search to see how this is accomplished and I came up with this discussion:

    And these instructions by Wrights (although I would think you could adapt this for your own supplies):

  4. 4 Emily April 13, 2009 at 6:55 pm

    Thank you so much for posting this little ruffle entry! I too have owned a ruffler foot for several years now and have NEVER used it- been too scared! Your little video has motivated me though to bust it out this weekend and finally try it!

  5. 5 Shannon April 13, 2009 at 7:30 pm

    That looks like fun… once you get past the resembling an instrument of torture part. 🙂

  6. 6 Kiva, Farmstead Lady April 13, 2009 at 7:41 pm

    OMG, I have one of these and have yet to use it, thanks for showing it in action…I took some pics as well, it is a scary thing at first. 🙂

  7. 7 Prairie Girl April 13, 2009 at 8:01 pm

    I never even knew such a thing existed. Novice sewer over here.

    Excuse me while I close my mouth. I am seriously drooling!!

  8. 8 Maria April 13, 2009 at 8:55 pm

    I also have the same gadget and its wayyyyyyyyy in the back draw of the sewing table and also was just to nervous to fool around with it and sometimes no time really to get it out and ready but with your lil video on my next day off I’m going back there and get it out and try. I’m going to make a couple of dresses for my granddaughter and this will help with a ruffle on the bottom and on the sleeves. Wish me luck.

  9. 9 Julie D April 13, 2009 at 8:58 pm

    Love the video, I’ve never seen on of these tools in action. If you attach the ruffle to just the top of the quilt, then flip it out and slip stitch the backing to cover the raw edge. I’ve done it this way when attaching Prairie Points to the edge of quilts.

  10. 10 Michelle April 13, 2009 at 10:00 pm

    Oh that looks *amazing!* But you are a far braver woman than me. It would take me at least a decade to even figure out how to put the dang attachment on, let alone how to use it! Good for you, can’t wait to see the king sized quilt you make next… :0)

  11. 11 Sasha April 13, 2009 at 10:47 pm

    Thanks for posting this! I just got a featherweight with a ruffler and I’ve been meaning to check it out but it is a bit intimidating.

  12. 12 Liz April 13, 2009 at 11:42 pm

    I’m thinking I’m likin that ruffling foot! Thanks for the little video. Nice to see it in action!

  13. 13 Sally April 14, 2009 at 4:43 am

    Thank for this, I’ve had one for about two years as well (perhaps even longer), I must get mine out and fine time to play (and with the embellisher thingamajig as well……

  14. 14 Sara April 14, 2009 at 6:41 am

    adorable … what a fantastic idea!
    i love using my ruffler … SO much easier than basting and pulling the threads!

  15. 15 Charity April 14, 2009 at 8:19 am

    Wow – that thing is awesome, makes me want something with ruffles!

  16. 16 randomrevelations April 14, 2009 at 9:18 am

    looks like it turned out well. that looks exactly like mine, and sounds like it too. it’s a little scary like a mid cenury torture device. I’ve never seen it as binding. Only inserted like piping or pom poms. great job!

  17. 17 Blakely April 14, 2009 at 9:53 am

    I’ve had a ruffler foot for almost a year I played with it when I first got it, but I haven’t gotten it out since. I also thought it was really loud and something was wrong with my machine. I hope to pull it out again soon.

  18. 18 Rachael April 14, 2009 at 10:06 am

    The Freshcut quilt patten on the Free Spirit Fabric website has a ruffled binding. It’s pretty cute!

  19. 19 turningturning April 14, 2009 at 6:27 pm

    Oh how pretty! I LOVE rufflers (and specialty presser feet in general) but they are so expensive! How lovely that you have one. Thanks for sharing!

  20. 20 Julie April 15, 2009 at 6:29 pm

    Oh my goodness! That is fantastic….I think I’ll have to get one for myself!

  21. 21 susan April 16, 2009 at 5:35 am

    Ooh – I love ruffles!! Thanks for the post…it just might be the inspiration I need to get mine out. Anything to procrastinate completing my unfinished projects. By the way, thank you for my first post! I actually replied on my email until I realized that I can’t reply to a post on my own blog. duh! Told ya I was a newbie : )

  22. 22 Beth April 16, 2009 at 9:58 pm

    That looks just like my ruffler. It’s been so long since I’ve used it – I think I’ve probably forgotten how! Your mini-quilt looks great!

  23. 23 Julie April 17, 2009 at 7:25 pm

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who has been fooling around with my ruffler and trying to add it onto the quilt. I haven’t found good instructions either. My first attempt was a bomb, but i’ll read up on your details and try again! Thanks!

  24. 24 Erin April 17, 2009 at 10:05 pm

    Ooh! Must run to see if I have a ruffler in the package of goodies husband bought for sewing machine…I just might!

  25. 25 Cindi April 18, 2009 at 12:15 am

    I have had my ruffler for a long while also and never used it! I also have the somplete book of sewing. Great minds you know!

  26. 26 Linda L April 18, 2009 at 9:01 am

    Like you I have had my ruffler foot forever and yet to play with it enough to get use of it. I am working on a blouse with a ruffle and as I was cutting it out I thought I need to try to use this for the blouse. I will test it out though to get a good feel for what it will do. I would think that some fabrics would ruffle differently than others due to weight and drape of the fabric. Very timely for me to read your posts, I am way behind on my reading and decided to spend time doing so this AM. Glad I did.

  27. 27 ozjane April 18, 2009 at 9:53 am

    Love my ruffler.
    And made a lovely ruffle and it did not look correct around the cushion.
    Was told……never to join it on a corner.
    Join somewhere down a side.
    It did help.
    At $89 for the Hus one it jolly well ought to be good.
    But it was the first accessory I had to have as I had owned a singer one since 1965………think it came with the machine!

  28. 28 Hilari April 21, 2009 at 12:03 pm

    Ok. I’ve sewn for YEARS and I never knew there was such a thing as a ruffler presser foot! Omigosh! You have changed my life!

  29. 29 colour du jour April 26, 2009 at 1:36 am

    We could start a ruffler club. I’m serious. I love my ruffler…I learned how to use one when I was a teen sewing on my mom’s old Singer. I recently used it on this apron last fall.


  30. 30 Kathy May 1, 2009 at 5:58 pm

    Can you take a photo of the back of the quilt so I can see how you applied the binding?

    This is one the biggest mysteries to me. I have my own method, but it’s long and tedious and not my favorite for attaching a ruffle to the edge of a quilt.

  31. 31 Kathy May 1, 2009 at 5:58 pm

    Can you take a photo of the back of the quilt so I can see how you applied the binding?

    This is one the biggest mysteries to me. I have my own method, but it’s long and tedious and not my favorite for attaching a ruffle to the edge of a quilt.


  32. 32 Jenn-Lee May 6, 2009 at 8:52 pm

    I have one and also have never used it! Thank you so much for showing me how it works and how awesome of an idea it is to just get going already and use it! I got it with a sewing machine at a yard sale of an amazingly organized deceased woman who sewed. I will have to try it. Thanks!

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