Advent Calendar

2009 Advent Calendar Sew Along

…and not a moment too soon!  I’ve had all year to work on this, but alas, I still ended up working on it at the last minute.  The good news is that if it weren’t for the sew along, I may not have got it done at all.

The last few days I had a  new advent calendar idea running through my head  and since I hadn’t gotten past the 7 stockings I made in August, I decided to give it a try. 

Goals for this advent calendar

* It can’t look girly (I have 3 sons).

* It has got to be fast enough to finish in 2 days.

*It should be able to hold the contents of our Usborne Advent Nativity Book scene.

Advent calendar

I’m happy with how it turned out.  The numbers needed to be boyish as well, but still a little festive.  I printed the numbers out on brown cardstock, punched them out  and stapled (yes, STAPLED) them onto the pockets.

advent calendar numbers

I’d like to say that I felt that the staples went superbly with  the theme, but who am I kidding? Stapling was just plain easy. 

Advent calendar

If you’d like a pdf of the numbers, here it is: Advent numbers

Check out the Advent Calendar Sew Along Flickr group.  Who can’t appreciate and love this one?

I’d love to see your calendars – add ’em to the group or leave a link in the comments.

15 thoughts on “Advent Calendar

  1. I love your advent calendar. Such a great idea. I made one for my nephews a couple of years ago, and I believe they are still using it. It was done in cross stitch and probably took a bit longer than yours. Maybe next year I’ll take a leaf from your book and make one from fabric for some other lucky child LOL.

    • Hi Chrissy, I’m positive that yours took longer than mine! I didn’t mention that one of my goals is that it had to be able to be finished in 2 days. That’s what I get for procrastinating. :o)

  2. I suppose it’s going to be a calander free year (again) for us. Oops. I love yours! Did you let the boys help staple? Kyle would have been really into that 🙂 I notice your pillow sneaking into the picture. I saw some argyle this weekend and thought of you!

    • I could have had the kids help me, but that would have been stressful. Bad mom, huh? I had to slip something red and Christmas-sy into the picture – the advent calendar was looking like camoflage! Ha!

    • Hi Sarah, Your advent calendar was so wonderful! If I had any handstitching skills at all I might attempt one myself. But as it is, I just have to admire it’s cuteness from afar. :o) Lots of creativity with all the animals!

  3. I love your calendar! The staples are perfect!!!

    I am so glad you put together this sew along. I barely got mine done in time too. But it’s DONE! Hooray!!!

  4. I made 8 stockings and then totally gave up. I’m such a quitter. I might as well accept it that even though I think it’s a nice idea, I’ll probably never be an advent-calendar-doing gal. I did use the stockings I made as gifts for the ladies at “our table” attending a benevolence event at our church.

    So you and Joanna both have three sons each? Wow, it must run in the family! Like me. My mom is the oldest of five daughters and I have five daughters. I can’t bear a son to save my life.

  5. I finished my calendar about 1/2 hr before the kids got home from school on 1 dec but it was well worth the trouble. Even though I used brown bags i did sew them!

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