Masterpiece Classic

Sunday nights are something I look forward to around this time of year because my favorite thing to watch on TV is Masterpiece Classic.  It all started last year I got hooked on Little Dorrit based on Charles Dickens’ book.  I like that the stories are verbally-driven (with words like “indeed”)  rather than filled with violence.  I love taking in the sets and the scenery.  And an added bonus are the period costumes.    So much fun to see and imagine sewing a piece with such detail.  I’m mostly inspired by how elements of the costumes could be incorporated into my sewing projects of today.  The latest Masterpiece Classic that just concluded is Jane Austen’s Emma  (You can still catch it online for another few weeks).

In case you didn’t notice, I get quite a bit of inspiration from clothing (think Chemisette Handbag).  Here’s a sampling of what I loved in Emma (apologies in advance for some of the poor resolution).

The mini ruffle and ribbon around this neckline are fun.

The front of this one seems a little militaristic, but it works.

The simple neckline is made prettier with the added ribbon on the sides on Jane’s dress (L).

Sweet Harriet gets buttons down the front of this number – cute, no?

I’m not thrilled with the shirt worn under this dress, but look at the back:

The little bow and the buttons are just beautiful.

I’ve got some ideas of how some of these elements can be used on items other than clothes.  Bags, patchfolios and even quilts.  They inspire me and I hope they inspire you as well.

So I guess you all know what I’ll be doing tonight.  Crying, that’s what.  Because there isn’t a Masterpiece tonight.  I’ll have to wait until next week.  *sniff*

16 thoughts on “Masterpiece Classic

  1. just stopping by. love your blog! and I ADORE those dresses on EMMA!!!! i am in LOVE! i just wanted to let you know that Emma is airing here where i live tonight at 9pm. i didn’t think it would due to superbowl but i just checked again and it is on the pbs schedule. you might want to check your listings again. hope you get this in time!

    • Thanks, Mindy! They aired the last 2 episodes last week (which was a pleasant surprise), but nothing tonight. Next week is a new one – equally exciting. 🙂 Enjoy the end – it was so sweet!

  2. oooo…oooo…oooo…Thanks for the heads-up! I just went to Masterpiece and noticed that I can watch Emma online…I guess that answers my question as to what I’ll be doing tonight!

  3. Oh, I forgot that was on! I’ll have to catch it on Netflix. Speaking of…if you have Netflix, you can watch “Lost in Austen” streaming. I just watched it today, and it was so cute. And there were a few really perfect sweet dresses, and a fabulous hat here and there. Enjoy!!

    • You can still catch it online! It never occurred to me that you would enjoy it. I suppose it must be for you like it is for me when I watch something from Taiwan TV. It’s rare, but it makes me homesick. 🙂 Enjoy!

  4. Hi! I’m a new fan. I found you because the knotted bag was featured on fabric shopper. Love it! I had to comment on this post because I am such a huge fan of Masterpiece Classic. Let nothing interfere, not even the Superbowl!

    • Here, here! Let nothing interfere!

      A reader suggested “Lost in Austen” and I just watched that on Netflix last night. Not strict Jane Austen, but quite cute! I shouldn’t have watched it all at once. I got NOTHING done. 🙂

  5. Thank you so much for letting us know we can watch the episodes online! I only recorded the last two episodes of Emma and have been hoping they would rerun the first episode. Now I can just watch it online! Thank you!!!

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