I don’t often take a vacation without my family, but that’s what I did last week.  I flew to Washington to spend a few days with my sister and her family.  For me it was a *real* vacation – so nice to relax away from my messy house.  Matt watched the boys and, as a nice side benefit, has a new  appreciation for what it means to be a stay-at-home mom. 

We painted a room, 
                                        we shopped,

I got my hair cut (and my eyebrows done for the first time ever),

  I didn’t sew a stitch,
                                      I sewed just a few stitches on Joanna’s industrial Juki.

I read 2 novels (The Color of Water, The Glass Castle),

and got to know my nephews a little bit better.

My sis made me a red bag (she’s got a new Etsy shop: Cecil + Edith),


AND I got new shoes to match.  Those of you who live in the Pacific Northwest may think that Fred Meyer is just another store, but I always get something fun every time I go with my sis.  Thanks for the shoes Fred!

There are so many good reasons to have family that lives close by – reasons that weren’t on my radar 10 years ago.  It was so much easier to travel before we had kids and now that we do, I find myself wishing that they knew their cousins better.  I had so much fun with you, Jo!    Thanks for having me!


Winners of the ruler contest are at the end of the last post.  Thanks for playing along!

32 thoughts on “Vacation

  1. I adore the bag and shoes. It is hard when you don’t live near family. Especially when you really want your kids to know their cousins. Sometimes I wish I lived round the corner from my brother then I remember how much I love where I live. It is the price we pay for having such a wide choice of how and where we live our lives now.

  2. Sounds like you had a great time.

    My kids managed to slot into having a blast with their cousins when we visited home, even though they probably don’t remember the one and only other time that they have met. It really made me wish that we lived nearby. They’d be great friends.

    • Joanna’s 3 boys are around my boys age. I know they would love playing together. I barely knew my cousins growing up, it’s a shame that it will be the same for my kids.

  3. I wish I lived closer to my sister. I’m always afraid my 2 y.o. nephew won’t remember me.
    BTW, I LOVE the red shoes. Red is my favorite.

    • I’m a big fan of red, too, but this is the first pair of red shoes I’ve owned (not counting a pair I may have had when I was 2). Hopefully I’ll find something to wear them with!

    • It was! It was supposed to last me to the plane ride home, but I finished early because I couldn’t put it down. The Glass Castle is a little more dark and disturbing, but is a pretty good read.

    • The weather WAS gorgeous! I’m glad I missed the snow. My favorite pair of jeans were purchased at Fred Meyer a couple of years ago. I was hoping to get a replacement pair, but it wasn’t to be. I’m loving the shoes, though! 🙂

  4. Love the bag, love the shoes! Love the Pacific NW. I’m exiled in Denver for now. It snows a lot here, and the rain is as likely to destroy your garden as water it. It does have it’s good points, but…
    And the comment from Fred Meyer – LOL.

  5. Ooooh, a mommy vacation. That is great. My oldest boy is 18 and I just got my first solo vacation. I went to my parents house in NM, a long drive, and Mom and I sewed all week. Dad said I could stay if I wanted. I love that man. And aren’t our husbands so kind to let us go? Speaking of crafted sisters, I have four sisters (five sons of my own now. Slight culture shock) We are doing round-robin quilts with Mom doing the center of each quilt. It is fun. Like you said though, it would be nice to live closer together. I made a dress dummy of my mother with duck tape and expanding insulation so I can sew clothing for her and mail it. It is fun but the funniest thing is she wants me to make sure it always has its cloths on!

  6. How lovely! I so need a vacation. My sister, her husband, their four kids, and their dog live next door to us. Like 20 feet away next door. I love it and it drives me nuts all at the same time. I adore your new red shoes.

  7. The Color of Water – I loved that book! I read it several years ago. I haven’t read The Glass Castle yet, but there’s been plenty of buzz about it in blog-land so I’ve put a request on it at the library. And I DO live in Washington, and I DO love Fred Meyer. They have awesome plain white v-necked t shirts right now for a mere $10.00 ( I bought 2) – haven’t checked to see what their shower curtains are like, but they have a fairly decent, if small, art supply aisle.
    And if you want to revisit the Northwest, “fictionally,” your boys would probably like “To Catch a Mermaid,” by Suzanne Selfors, a Bainbridge Island resident. It’s a mermaid book that’s for boys and girls, but the main character is a boy. I recently put a review of it up on my blog.
    Your blog is lovely, thanks for sharing your creativity with us!

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