Happy Circles::Comfy Seats Round Cushions

A few weeks ago I drove downtown and went to the Funky Finds Craft Show.  It was very well organized.  There was music, lots of customers, and best of all, craft show energy.  Gotta love it when people are happy and spending money.  I’ve been to one too many shows where the energy was low – everything was quiet, and no on was shopping.  Those are sad shows.  Funky Finds wasn’t one of them.  It was fun.  And Funky!  I had one thing in mind to buy:  a seat cushion.  I spend a lot of time sitting in wooden chairs for school with the boys, the computer, and the sewing machine.  I had a cushion on my chair, but hadn’t gotten around to covering it.  Ollie (the dog) had decided that eating the foam up was his favorite activity.  I knew I could make one, but I was ready and willing to buy a handmade gem.  I went around the booths twice and didn’t see any cushions except those of the normal 2-squares-sewn-together variety.  Well, that was all the motivation I needed.  The show was on a Saturday and by Sunday night, I had this on my school chair.

And I was so happy with it that I made more.  Now my computer chair looks like this:

And my sewing chair looks like this:


Then I decided to get all crazy and make one that looks like a Daisy:

And not wanting to leave the boys out, made one that would work for a boy.

And then I wrote a pattern!  My first downloadable pdf.  The pattern is here.  And yes, since it’s my first pdf please bear with me as I work any kinks out!

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11 thoughts on “Happy Circles::Comfy Seats Round Cushions

    • If I had a little girl, we’d have tea parties and sit on little daisies on the floor! My son is quite fond of the daisy and tells me how pretty it is, but hasn’t asked for a tea party yet. 🙂

  1. They look lovely. When my kids stop spilling stuff, I might use seat cushions on our dining room table chairs. Hmm, a lot of my crafting timeline sentences seem to begin ‘when the kids stop wrecking my home…’

    • I feel the same way about the house. When they stop breaking things, then we’ll get a new … Right now the cushions are for ME. Because no one else seems to care about a happy bum-bum (that’s what we call it in our home).

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