Meghan Peasant Top

Cleaning the sewing room can yield fun surprises.  Like this Meghan Peasant Top that was almost done – just needed hemming.  Found it just in time for summer!  How did I let this get buried?

Meghan top

Just a couple of comments:

  • I made this out of double gauze fabric – nice and breezy for hot summers.  Print is from Heather Ross’ Far Far Away collection by Kokka.  I have a few yards extra that I listed in the shop.  Sold!
  • I’m really not this tan – in order to get the white to show up, my arms got all dark.  And what can a Photoshop novice do?  Post it as is, that’s what.
  • Did you know that straight on shots don’t always look so flattering?  I didn’t until now.  Also, putting my arm on my hip gave me a little definition in the arm.  I think I need to start lifting weights to define those biceps.

The pattern wasn’t super hard, but I had to spend quite a bit of time taping all the pieces together.  Only change that was recommended to me by a couple of people was to cut the elastic longer than it calls for, then finding the right fit so that it isn’t too tight.  I’m glad I did, ‘cuz who wants the blood supply to be cut off from their arms?  Not me.

18 thoughts on “Meghan Peasant Top

  1. That double gauze has got to be absolutely dreamy to wear! You used my absolute favorite print from that collection. The top looks fabulous!

  2. Very cute!! It looks like a pattern I have for the girls that I use all the time, only it’s for pajamas. I bet I could alter the pattern and make a shirt like that for me. Hmmm…I may very well be inspired. And the fabric, I agree, I really pretty.

  3. It looks great!!! The print is really cute. I really disliked the double gauze when I used it….now you’re making me think I just picked the wrong pattern for it.

  4. Yopu’re going to have me walking around with my hands on my hips, trying to stand at an angle when I meet people…

    That top looks gorgeous. I’m wondering if this is the summer that I might make something for myself for once, but I don’t think that I’d suit a peasant top. Shame, beacause they’re nice and easy to make and I love the way that they look on my daughter – and you.

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