If I had known…

Would I have started a pattern designing business if I had known….

     that I would be storing thousands of patterns in my attic and in my house?

     that my house would feel cramped because of all the boxes?

     that I would spend up to 10 hours a week stuffing envelopes and  packing boxes?

     that the stuffing and packing would take away from the designing?

     that there is precious little time left for the fun part of being a pattern designer?

The answer?  PROBABLY.  Most likey.  But possibly not. 

But for now, I trudge on.  And to make myself feel better, I made myself a Frazzled Blogger button.  Nope, it’s not an award.  Just a button (isn’t that sad?).  And guess what?  You, too can use it, if you’d like.

frazzled blogger

Thus ends this sorry post…

19 thoughts on “If I had known…

    • Yes, an assistant would be nice. Maybe if I had the freedom to expand and the time to do it, I could afford one, but the business has to be small because I need to take care of my other responsibilities, namely homeschooling, being a mom, and my church volunteering. Plus, I need to keep it small so it stays fun. 🙂 No aspirations to try to create CraftApple empire over here. Haha.

  1. Cindy, I love your button!! Too bad husbands aren’t supplied with one button on their forehead!! (it’s been of those days!!) : p

  2. Assistant yes… affordability yes… can you find someone who has a few hours a week and pay them in either patterns or sewing lessons?

    Perhaps a young mum with no spare cash for classes who’d find it fun to stuff envelopes instead of pick up toys for an hour or two? Or a retired person who is bored and fed up with daytime TV?

    Hoping the drudgery ends soon!


  3. Yes, I was thinking of an assistant, too. I thought of a high school student who could use a little extra cash. But even cheaper would be a friend with whom you could trade. She could stuff envelopes for a few hours for you then another time her kids could come over and play with your kids for few hours.

    Good luck!

    • Beth, I’ve actually used a responsible teenager in the past, it’s a good idea if you can find one. How do you think a teenager could manage housework? Just a thought.

    • True, true. And I’m not complaining. I’m happy that patterns are selling. It’s just that I didn’t want a “real” job, I wanted a fun job. And lately it’s been more of a real job which has made me step back and figure out what I really want. 🙂

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