Happy Boots

I’ve been wearing boots for about a year now.  I love them.  They make wearing a skirt in winter so much fun.

But after about a year, the boots weren’t standing up on their own as well as they used to.  The solution?  Fabric boot shapers stuffed with polyfill.

boot shapers 2

Having made some for my black boots,  I had to make another set for the brown pair so they didn’t get jealous.

boot shapers 1

And now when I look at my boots in the closet, I see that they are happy.

boot shapers 3

And so am I.

36 thoughts on “Happy Boots

  1. Love your boots!
    Where did you get them? I would love to find a pair like that.

    Awesome boot shapers too, do they have polyfill in them? Any lavender or cedar?

    Just wondering…………….

  2. what a great idea..i have a pair of plastic inflatable boot holders, but one has a puncture and keeps going flat…i will definatley be copying your idea..

  3. My poor neglected boots are sitting in the closet all flopped over. It’s their own fault for starting to fall apart on me, though.

    If I ever find a replacement pair (I’ve had no luck this year – I’m blaming the skinny jeans tucked into boots trend…) I think that I’ll have to copy this idea, though.

    • Paige, They are sort of like tubes, narrower at the bottom and wider at the top. Then I stuffed them and tied the top off with string. I thought about doing a tutorial, but it would be too difficult to account for all the different shapes and sizes of boots.

      Hope this helps!

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