Our First Vacation Without the Kids (as Told Through Emails)

June 29, 2011

Hi Boys!
I hope you had a good day today!  I wanted to show you this picture of an cow elk.  The COW part means that it’s a girl.  I heard this elk before I saw it.  I heard it sneeze a few times.  I was a little afraid that it might be a bear, but as we got closer, I saw it’s feet and told daddy that there was a horse in the woods.  🙂  It turned out to be an elk and she was sneezing and sneezing.  I think she had allergies so I gave her one of my allergy pills.  Just kidding!

Also, even though it gets warm here, there are still parts of the woods that have snow in them.  I’m holding a snowball in the picture.

Love,  Mommy

June 30, 2011

Hi mom do you think I would think that you gave an elk a pill? Elk can bite you know.
Anyway how are you and dad? How can snow be there in the summer? How can you hold snow without gloves?
love, Timo

I like your pictures why aren’t you wearing gloves?
love, Josh

Hi mom why are you not wearing gloves wen you are holding the snow ball?
love, nathan

June 30, 2011

Hi Guys!
So nice to hear from each of you!  The snow was cold, but I only held it for a few seconds.  After daddy took the picture, he was still looking at the camera when I threw the snowball over his head.  He got really scared because he thought it was going to hit his face!  It was funny.
Timo, do you really think elk can bite?  I’ve never actually seen their teeth.  Maybe they just chew with their lips.  Ha ha, I’m so funny.
We went rock climbing yesterday.  Here’s a picture of me on a rock.

Here is also a picture of me hiking in the snow this morning.  Daddy said I would be fine in shorts, but I wasn’t!  It was way too cold for shorts.

We’ll see you soon!

July 1, 2011

You are not funny !!!  Besides why trust dad?
You are an adult you can make your own decisions.
This should teach you a lesson, never wear shorts in the in the snow.
love, Timo

why did you trust daddy?!?!?!?!?!
love,  josh

why trust dad? daddy is not smart. ha! ha!
love, nathan

Ahhhh, vacation…

This was the first time Matt and I have taken a trip without the kids.  We went to Colorado, the dog stayed at home with a sitter and the kids went to Grandma and Grandpa’s.  We talked to them on the phone, but what was really special to me was that this is the first time the kids have ever sent me emails.  They were cracking us up.

We did a lot of hiking in these:

and a little bit of rock climbing in these:

Rocky Mountain National Park is beautiful

but I missed the kids and kept thinking how much they’d enjoy hiking with us.  Next time it will be a family trip.

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