How can I call myself crafty and never have made a costume for my kids for trick-or-treatin’?  All these years of watching people do things for their kids and I’ve never had anything to show.  Well all that has changed.  The kids were supposed to have a Lego-themed costume for a trunk-or-treat.  They all had soccer games, with no time to change so these were perfect.  Brickheads!

This experience has taught me that I prefer sewing to spray painting, but the kids loved them.   When I heard some kids say, “Look!  Lego heads!  Cool!”  the little kid in me had to smile.  A nice bonus is that brickheads are easy to spot in a crowd.

And now they look pretty cool up in the toy room.

Cad Bane has been trapped on a planet of giant brick mountains.
But worse, he has lost his hat…

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