Laundry Room Decorating: Floorcloth

Yep, decorating, not remodeling – there won’t be any new cabinets or anything big – just a little touching up here and there.  The size of this laundry room was one of the big reasons I fell in love with this house.  It’s bigger than any laundry room we’ve ever had but it could definitely use a little style help.

It’s always easier for me to analyze a room if I take a picture of it and this room is no different.  So here’s the no-I-didn’t-clean-up-beforehand-I’m-so-embarrassed-by-this before shot:

Laundry Room Before

The most obvious thing to me is that the balloon in the laundry basket needs to go.  I mean, really, who keeps balloons in their laundry room?  Not me.  Beyond that there are several things I’d like to tackle but my first step was the floor:  I made a floor cloth to give the room some fun.  I’ve really enjoyed my first one,  and had to try it again.
floorcloth- laundry room

The hexagons were cut from a layer cake of Sweetwater’s Hometown fabric.  It’s stiff and sturdy and won’t slip around thanks to paint on rug backing.

I’ve been building up an album of laundry rooms I like on Pinterest, but the challenge will be making my dark machines look nice.  Almost every beautiful laundry room has light-colored machines.

7 thoughts on “Laundry Room Decorating: Floorcloth

  1. I couldn’t find the pin just now, but there are a couple of pins you might want to look for for inspiration…. wall papered/contact paper make-overs for appliances or even a painted washing machine. That could make a big change for you.

  2. I want to see more of the house. 🙂 Our laundry room is large too. I just wish it were upstairs. And I wish it had a window too! Lucky! I love hometown. Need to get some before it’s gone forever!

    • I like the window, but having it means I have to think about what curtain/valance to put up. I’ve had the Hometown for a while, but it took a while to find a good project for it. Did you know that Sweetwater put out 4 fabric lines last year? I love their stuff but I can’t keep up!

  3. What an inspiring blog! I have always loved floor cloths, but too intimidated to try…..your laundry room idea is perfect!! Thank You! Love your fabric choice for the diaper bag also.

  4. I think you black machines look nice. Be grateful for your space you have. My home is an old add on and my laundry room is behind by-fold doors in very small hallway from bedroom to master bath.

    • Oh yes, I am VERY grateful for the space! And I am happy with my washer and dryer and actually appreciating the color now! When I was living in Taiwan we had a washer outside on the porch of our apartment and we hung our clothes on a clothesline to dry. My approach to the laundry room is my attempt at decorating a space that I think could use some pretty-ing up. 🙂 We had bi-fold doors in our old house. I remember that I actually folded the laundry the day it was washed because there wasn’t room to let it pile up for days and days like there is now. 🙂

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