Normally I’m not a big fan of wallpaper.  I like the colors and prints of wallpaper, almost in the same way I like the colors and designs of fabric but I had a bad experience once, trying to remove it from our bathroom walls after moving in.  I ultimately failed and we had to hire professionals to finish the job because it was just not coming off.    But when the giant blank wall behind our kitchen table was begging to have something put on it I decided to give wallpaper another chance – in a small dose.

wallpaper board

I got a large board (3′ x 5′) which just barely squeezed into the van, painted the edges white and wallpapered it.  It sounds easy, but this job took hours – getting the wallpaper to hang straight on the board, then trying to get the board to hang straight on the wall.  I like to think I’m handy with tools, but sometimes it’s still a challenge.  The wood is actually anchored to some pieces of wood behind it so it isn’t flush on the wall – sorta like art.

wallpaper board

Since the table was clean, I took a few extra pictures.
wallpaper board

I happy with how it turned out.  I originally wanted to hang pictures on and around the board, but I’ve decided I like the simplicity of it.

15 thoughts on “Wallpaper

  1. What a great idea. I had a similar experience to you. Removing wallpaper is no fun job.
    This looks great and you can change it when the mood takes you.

  2. You’re braver than I am. I also did the wallpaper removal thing. NEVER touching the vile stuff again. LOVE the look though! My dd does a fabric alternative with a curtain rod on the wall … the kind that has triangular brackety things with cups an inch or two out from the wall where the round rod thingie can drop in. We agreed on a standard dimension … big surprise not … the same dimension a lot of the pre-printed quilt panels come in, cuz a Christmas one was the source for their first dining room decor hanging. Since, I’ve also done a beautiful spring one (magnolias in a stained glass pattern) and an original one for autumn that included matching placemats, napkins and a beaded candleholder, all falling leaves theme. I’m just finishing up a family tree panel (she’s expecting their first) that I got from Connecting Threads. I’m thinking she’s got 4 seasons now. She’s thinking it would be really fab if I’d make her a special one for birthdays. Uh, yeah, maybe after I finish your baby quilt, the diaper bag (Craft Apple pattern), the beaded centerpiece your sister asked for when she saw the one I made for you, the UFOs I “resolved” three New Years ago to FINISH OR ELSE….

  3. Very pretty! I love this idea for wallpaper – since there is no way I am EVER hanging it on the walls either 🙂 Still have to remove some in our house that the last owners put up, but it is so difficult & means painting after that I just haven’t had the time 🙂

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