Fruit Salad Quilt

Even though school has started it still feels very much like summer around here.  We’re still wearing shorts, tank tops, applying sunscreen, and staying inside during 100+ degree temps.  Summers around here mean our fruit basket is always full of nice, ripe nectarines or plums.  Our fridge is stocked with berries and there is usually a melon or papaya on the counter.  Lots of fruit means large bowls of fruit salad at dinner.  I always like a nice sweet melon to be the foundation of my fruit salad, then toss in berries to give it color.  The kids often request banana slices and peaches are a nice touch as well.
Fruit Salad

I was working on a quilt this summer that reminded me of our fruit salad.  The way I like to build a fruit salad is similar to the way I like to build a quilt.  I like using linen to tie everything together and use prints to give a splash of color.  The linen is my melon and the prints are my berries.  

Chimney Sweep Quilt

This quilt turned out a lot larger than I expected, about 4 ft square.  It was intended to be a baby spit-up quilt but I’m sure can be used as a blanket when baby is well into the toddler years.  This quilt design is called “Chimney Sweep”.  This is the second one I’ve made and I’m not tired of it yet.

Chimney Sweep Quilt
Admittedly the berries we get in Texas look beautiful, but don’t taste very sweet.  Not like the sweet blueberries we could get when we lived up in Michigan.  For those of you who live in a part of the world where berries grow all summer long – you are blessed!  We get to pick strawberries for about a month before it gets too hot for them to grow.  By the time the trucked-in berries make it to our grocery stores they are pricey and bland.  If you live in an area similar to mine, let me share a little trick with you (learned from my mom) for sweetening up strawberries that need a little help:  sprinkle a little vanilla pudding powder on them after slicing.  It looks nice sprinkled on blueberries too.

Pudding Powder

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