A few months ago we were driving home from church when a little dog ran in front of our car.  We stopped and a line of cars stopped behind us while he made his way across the street.  Everyone drove on, but we decided that the little guy would probably get run over if we didn’t rescue him.  It was drizzling out.  We picked him up and wrapped him wet and shivering in a blanket.  Other than having spent a few minutes in the rain, he was fine.  He wasn’t very dirty and he wasn’t even hungry.  We did everything we could to find his owners but no one came forward.  He didn’t have a collar or a microchip.  Those first few months, when he picked a special spot IN the house to do his business, were rough.  But he has since learned the proper place to mark his territory (outisde) and has fit right in.  He’s definitely my dog – my shadow, waiting for me outside the bathroom door and waking me up in the morning if I sleep in too late.  We named him Peanut.

Normally Peanut looks like this.

peanut before

But on days like today, after he’s been to the groomer, he looks like this.

peanut after

And as much as he needs to be groomed, he always mopes around the house after losing all his fur.

Today, he was the perfect prop for some cushions that I made.

daisy cushionsThe applique was easy and fun – sort of a double layered daisy.  Next post I’ll share how to do it.

21 thoughts on “Peanut

  1. that first picture – what a grumpy face! not so much Beware of the Dog – cos he might bite, as Beware of the Dog, he’s in a bad mood!

  2. Peanut is adorable ,and thank you SO MUCH for stopping and taking him in!! So many people drop their animals , it makes me sick.. he looks like he’s going to have quite a good life with you , and for that I’m thankful 🙂 (love the cushions too!!) Muah Peanut 🙂 You are loved 🙂

    • Well, you are right. He should have some more hair around his mouth. That’s my fault. It is SO HOT here that we shave him completely. But in the winter we may let him keep a little. I do think having all his whiskers gone makes him sad. 😦

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  4. Pingback: Daisy Applique Cushion (with pattern pieces) | Craft Apple

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