Building Blocks

My boys’ piano teacher is due in a few weeks.  This is their first baby.  Her husband loves Legos – so much so that they have a room in their house dedicated to his toys.  BUT the baby is coming and the little one needs a nursery so the Lego room is being converted the baby’s room.  Time to box those blocks up, Mister!

We love Legos over here as well.  I sometimes wonder if my boys will grow up and continue to love building things with overpriced plastic blocks.  I hope their wives will be as understanding as Mrs. Elizabeth is with her husband.

So what do you give a baby girl whose parents love Legos?  A Lego quilt, of course!  Legos are perfect for designing quilt blocks. Below is my quilt designed out of Duplo blocks.


  And the Duplo Quilt:

Duplo Quilt Please tell me that it looks like Duplo blocks!!!

I backed it with an Ikea sheet from a few years ago.

Duplo / Lego Quilt

I hope she likes it!

19 thoughts on “Building Blocks

    • Thanks, Katie! It’s one of those things where the kids think it looks like Duplos, but my husband took a few too many seconds to figure it out and it made me nervous. 🙂

  1. I showed my 3 year old and he said “I want that Lego quilt!” Brilliant idea! I was thinking about a Lego quilt and wondering how to do it. Thanks for sharing!

      • What size is your quilt? What dimension are the square blocks? How wide are the circles? I’ve been quilting long enough that I can figure out my own patterns if I have dimension estimates. If you don’t mind 😉

  2. I asked my 11 year old son and he thought it looked like legos – then asked if I could make him one… Mrs. Elizabeth is a lucky lady.

    As an aside, I was always disappointed when the day came that my kids didn’t need help with their legos. Maybe I should just accept that I like playing with them, too. A room dedicated to legos might be a bit much, though.

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