Made in Taiwan

I was born in Taiwan.  I was raised in Taiwan.  Now I live in the US, but I still love and miss the place where I grew up.  Every summer I take the family back and now hopefully my kids will love it too.  I heard a travel show once describe Taiwan as a glimpse into what Mainland China might have been like if communism hadn’t swept through.  It’s a lovely place if you love the city and a lovely place if you love the country.  We stay in the capital city – all crowds and business, but just an hour away and we are out in the fresh cool air of the mountains.  So that’s my plug for the beautiful island.  And here are some of my favorite shots from our trip.

cow on mountain

My favoritest shot – some water buffalo grazing on a mountain top.

sensei poo

And where there are water buffalo, there is…

blocked trail

These water buffalo followed us up the mountain trail, blocking the only path down.  It was a tight (and scary!) squeeze, but we made it down.  Whew!

boats danshui

Boats docked on the Danshui river.

cat wants in

Cat wants into my favorite clothing shop.  The shop cat was relegated to the front porch because a customer with dogs was in the store.

pork on a stick

The food.  Ahhh the food.  It was delicious.


Spring onion pancakes.

custard cream puff

Custard cream puffs.

Fortunately without a car we took public transportation and did a lot of walking to work off the yummy food.

fishing lights

The lightbulbs on this fishing boat were so unique.  I want some in my house!

Hanging sandals

Grass sandals drying out.

huwei fort door

Door knob.

huwei fort

Old military fort.

Lin Mansion2

Old mansion from the 1840s.

LinAnTai door

Love this door!

LinAnTai kitchen

Traditional Chinese dining room.

LinAnTai kitchen2

Traditional Chinese kitchen.



mushrooms 1


silk waterfall YMS

Silk waterfall.

view from elephant mountain

The city.

YMS gate

The family.

Vacation is good.  Vacation in a place you love is even better!  Thanks for making it through my little travel post!

3 Responses to “Made in Taiwan”

  1. 1 Amy July 9, 2015 at 11:38 pm

    You take gorgeous photos! Makes me want to visit more often.

  2. 2 craftapple July 10, 2015 at 11:45 am

    Amy, we’d been back in the US for a couple of days and I was ready to go back. Once a year just isn’t enough!

  3. 3 Luther June 10, 2016 at 11:59 am

    Memories of my home away from home…

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