Our last big trip of the summer: England.  A couple of days in the English countryside and the remaining days in and around London.  Our precious goddaughter was christened.


And we were able to get acquainted with all things British.

phone booths

Apparently, English bees aren’t aggressive so I was able to get close to them for some fun shots.


I wish I could say that we were in front of our summer home.

Us square

My boys.  What drove this trip is that my oldest is starting high school.  That means that we only have a few more summers with him home.  I’m feeling the time crunch with all the family things we want to do.  Going to England: check.st james park

Seeing an English goose: check.



chia pudding

covent gardens

Coffee on the Thames with a good friend.

Thames coffee

And, of course, the family had to have Fish ‘n Chips!

fish n chips

notting hill

It was a fun place to take pictures and a fun place to visit.  To be honest, London was a little much for me.  If (big if) we ever to go again, I think I’d spend most of our time in the countryside.  Maybe take a day or two to learn to drive, then visit some villages and estates.

England, you were beautiful.  Thanks for having us.

3 Responses to “England”

  1. 1 Bethany August 4, 2015 at 8:51 am

    WHY is everything so much cuter there????

  2. 3 uklassinus December 28, 2015 at 11:44 am

    Yes, definitely get out of London – if only beacuse the rest of the country is so much cheaper – and has better castles and old buildings and quaint villages and rolling hills and rugged scenery. London is a bit like Paris: there are sights that all tourists want to tick off, but you don’t get a feel for the country until you leave. I hope that you had fun. If you’re scared of driving there, most villages have bus services, too – even the tiny ones in the area I am from

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