Aragorn / Strider Costume

My son went to a costume ball this month as Aragorn from Lord of the Rings.  In the movie, Aragorn wears layers upon layers of clothes so we started months before to get all the pieces together.  While there are a few very cool diy Aragorn costume pictures out there (love this one), I couldn’t find anyone who could tell me where to get the parts put together a great costume myself.  So I’m listing what we did below.  We focused on getting all black for the body with a green cape.

T Aragorn.jpg

  • Black long sleeved T-shirt: Soft-Washed Men’s Henley from Old Navy
    I cut out  the buttons to give the V neckline of a medieval tunic, stitching up some raw edges.
  • Black long pants: Slim Built-In Warm Black Jeans (Washed) from Old Navy
    The pants only show from mid thigh to just below the knee.  The focus here was on warmth because it was a winter ball and cold.
  • Tunic: Black Warrior Tunic from Party City
    For $30 this is cheaply made, but it was the right look.  I removed the collar and epaulets and stitched up the raw edges.
  • Boot covers:  Black Pirate Boot Covers from Party City
    $14.99 was a deal compared to $100+ we could have spent on real boots that my son would never wear again.  We didn’t need the pirate flaps so he tucked them into the top and they never popped out.
  • Black Shoes:  My son had these already as his dress-up shoes.
  • Green Elvin Hooded Cloak:  This was my big crafty contribution to the costume.  3 yards of Softened 5.3 oz Linen (Olive Green) from 2 yards for the cape (just a big rectangle) and a little under 1 yard for the hood. He was able to slip the cloak on and off over his head.
  • Elven Brooch:  We got this Green Leaf Elvin Pin from Amazon.  Originally I had ordered a cheaper one on Etsy, but when it didn’t arrive after 6 weeks, I turned to Amazon and after 2 days we were set. We pinned the cloak closed with an oversized safety pin and pinned the brooch on top.
  • Arwen’s Evenstar Necklace:  No Aragorn costume is complete without Arwen’s Evenstar Necklace.  It really made the outfit.  Amazon had the best deal again.
  • Leather Bracers:  These really added to the layered effect.  We got these bracers from Amazon.
  • Leather Belt:  We had to have a medieval belt.  Ours was again from Amazon.
  • Hair: All natural!  My son’s been growing his hair out for a few months.  It just happened to go really well with his costume choice!

When it was all said and done this was NOT a cheap costume. It ended up costing more than the ticket to the ball. BUT I have 2 more younger boys and I’m hopeful that they might wear it (or parts of it) when it’s their turn to go to the ball.

Do you have a great Aragorn costume you’ve put together?  I’d love to see it!  Please link it down in the comments.

2 Responses to “Aragorn / Strider Costume”

  1. 1 Becky February 19, 2019 at 9:06 am

    Very nice! I never did Aragorn, but I did a couple of Eowyn-inspired ones back in the day. That film has such gorgeous costuming.

  2. 2 kclementsdvm March 3, 2019 at 2:23 pm


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