Punch Needle Rug Hooking

For Christmas my sister got me supplies to get started on a new craft: punch needle rug hooking. New year, new craft!

It just took a couple of tries to figure out what worked for me. Supplies are from amyoxford.com. I have her 10″ x 10″ frame and for this project used the #14 mini needle in monk’s cloth. Yarn is worsted weight cotton because I’m allergic to wool. I prewashed the monk’s cloth and it shrunk. This may be why the thinner yarn held so well.

I chose to do a canary for this project because I have multiple chemical sensitivity. We call ourselves canaries because we react to things sooner than most people. The disinfectants that everyone is spraying these days in addition to the fragranced products most people use has made it hard for me to go anywhere. The chemicals overwhelm my system and leave me with brain fog or a migraine. So I stay home much of the time, grateful for grocery delivery and grateful for a safe home. Canary design is from @lisaglanz.

I’m looking forward to getting brave enough to try a larger project!

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