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Embarrased Guest Room

Before her name was Guest Room (GR), we called her Sewing Room.  Back then she looked on as I crafted and created into many late nights and kept me company, even through our brief insect invasion (sewing with the bugs wasn’t very fun).  Before that, we lovingly called her Nursery.  She watched each of our boys sleep and grow, proud to be the walls that heard their every sleeping breath and every nighttime Bible story.  Then came the big 3-room shake up and since then she’s been Guest Room and she is embarrased.  And why wouldn’t she be, especially since she has become the throw-everything-that-doesn’t-fit-anywhere-else-room. Now she houses an old bookshelf that used to be in our living room, an old dresser that was one of our big (used) purchases early in our marriage, and the guestbed that sits on a metal frame on wheels.  The old nursery valance still covers the window, the first quilt I ever made is on the bed and she just doesn’t feel put together like she should.  Quite honestly, while the rest of the house has been cared for, she has been neglected – something I hope to rectify in the near future – one step at a time.

First step – bedding.  I purchased some fabric in the form of duvet covers on Ebay.  One I’m using as an actual duvet cover and the other, I turned into a quilt.  It took a lot of guts to quilt this thing, and I’m so glad now that it’s done!

 marigold quilt2

I had to back it with a bit of pink. See how the yellows are a nice match?

marigold quilt

And after putting a narrow ruffle on  the quilt I decided that I love short ruffles.  So I took apart my dotty cushion and redid the ruffle.  If you ever doubt how sturdy your handmade items are, just try to take them apart.  The seam ripping took me 2 hours!  But it was worth it.

 short ruffle2

Nope, I’m not showing much of the rest of the room.  A little at a time I’ll redo what I can and maybe GR can be proud again. I have some fabric left over…maybe some pillow shams…

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