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A Story of Humiliation


This is the final bag in my order of 3 bags for mother’s day (all for the same mom!). I’m really not good at pairing fabrics together – especially 2 prints so when I came up with this combo, I was so thrilled – this is actually the 4th bag out of this fabric combo – none of which were for me.

Some of you know that I am half Chinese. I grew up in Taiwan, and after college in the US, moved back to Taiwan to be a gymnastics instructor. I taught expat American kids, Chinese kids, and a group of Japanese kids, since there was a Japanese school across from where I coached. Did I mention also that I waited tables at a Korean restaurant in college? I consider myself pretty well exposed to Asian cultures and have often “known” when seeing an Asian person where they are from – Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, etc. So when I came across this test at I was sure that I would ACE it! I took it last night and scored a 7 out of 18 which means basically that I have NO CLUE. I had my sweet hubby take it as well and he scored a 3 which means that he’s so bad that it’s really difficult to score that poorly. I’m humiliated. I’m so bad at this that this morning, when I woke up and looked in the mirror, I thought for sure that I looked Japanese. I’d love to know how you score!

Crafting Is My Apple

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, right? Well, crafting is my apple. It’s what I do to maintain my sanity. There is so much running around involved in taking care of the little guys that live here (my three sweet kiddos – age 4 and under). When I started sewing again a few months ago, I couldn’t believe how satisfying it was – what a void it filled, and now I can’t stop! I am a quilter and a bagaholic – I have made more purses for myself than I’ll be able to use in the foreseeable future and 1 week ago, I bought myself a how-to-knit kit and can’t seem to stop knitting (“Just one more row, boys, then Mommy will start making lunch.”)

Some of my inspiration:

Amy Butler – Her patterns got me started on making bags.  And her fabric is beautiful

Michael Miller Fabrics – fresh, new collections all the time!  Fun stuff!

Two of my favorite stores:

Cabbage Rose Quilting is my favorite store these days – they carry all of Amy’s fabric and patterns, Moda fabric and have a nice yarn section as well

The Fat Quarter Shop carries a nice selection of fabric.  And, they make Jolly Packs.

Let the craft blog begin!

Craft Apple

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, right? Well, crafting is my apple. It’s what I do to maintain my sanity while taking care of my family. I homeschool my three boys, ages 14, 15, and 16), am a quilter, a bagaholic, and pattern designer.  Oh – and I also like taking pictures.

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