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Last Minute Etched Glasses

As usual, I forgot to get a little something for some friends of ours.  Etching to the rescue!  We had some little glass cups left over from some Delici desserts purchased at Costco.  A few Cricut stencils later and I was ready to go.

cups 1

Mom + Dad + 4 kids.  My kids had lots of fun picking out funny faces for their friends. Some nice weather meant I could etch outside and in no time we had a sweet, personalized gift.


They opened them early and I think they liked them because the mom went out and bought supplies and is going to give etching a go.

Kookyheads from here.

Merry Christmas, Crafters!


My sister and I haven’t lived in the same city since the 90s.  If I had to do it all over again I might have tried harder to live closer to her.  But when I was newly married my husband and I moved to Texas and she and her husband moved to Washington State.  It’s just not close enough to jump in the car for a visit.  Last weekend my sister flew in for a few days and it was fun to hang out with my best friend. We even got some crafting done in the form of glass etching.

etching cream

I had a couple of glass containers and my sister, empowered by youtube decided to do give it a try.  We picked up some super cheap paintbrushes and some Glass Etching Cream ($10.99) at Hobby Lobby.  I cut out the words out of adhesive vinyl using the Cricut then weeded out the actual words so that we had the outline left to use as a stencil.


My sister brushed on the etching cream and watched it do it’s magic. Etching is pretty easy to do but super hard to get a good picture of.  I hope you can appreciate how pretty it is, though.


Check out youtube where there are a bunch of tutorials to get you started on your way.  Happy crafting!

Toddler Apron

This is my first little sewing project for Christmas completed!  It’s a little apron for my goddaughter to wear in her play kitchen.  It’s been a while since I’ve had fun pairing fabrics in the sewing room so this was a lot of fun!

It was also a lot of fun embellishing the picture above.  But maybe it’s a bit busy.  For those who prefer a less-busy version, here ya go.

Happy Christmas sewing to all of you, my fellow sewists!

Cricut Maker

I’ve always wanted a Cricut but never had the motivation to get one until now.  I’ll tell you what made me want one – it was my sister.  She sent me cute little pictures of different labels that she had seen and it made me want to make cute labels too!  So far all I’ve been doing is cutting vinyl labels for my cleaning products.  But my sense is that this is just the beginning!

I started making my own cleaning products last year when I started having symptoms of environmental illness.  I found these cute glass amber spray bottles on Amazon and now my cleaning products are going to be beautifully bottled too!

amber cleaner.jpg

I’m learning a lot about the Cricut.  The Maker is the only model I’ve ever owned so I can’t compare it to the other models.  The Maker is supposed to be able to cut fabric as well  with a mini rotary blade but I don’t imagine I’ll be using that feature for a couple of reasons.  Firstly, I don’t mind cutting fabric – I actually enjoy it.  Secondly, the fabric must be adhered to a sticky cutting mat which means it must be pealed off after the cut is made.  When pealing it off, the edges fray.  Not a huge problem but not worth it to me.

Do you cricut?  I’d love to see your stuff!  Feel free to leave a link in the comments!

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Rubber Ducky You’re the ONE.

I always try to incorporate photography into things that I’m working on because, well, I like photography. So I was planning a baby shower and discovered how very photogenic these rubber duckies were. I ask my son to spray a gentle shower on the ducky with the hose and I immediately felt like he wasn’t doing it right, aiming the water right at the duck’s head so hard that it almost knocked the duck over. *sigh* But then I was scrolling through the shots and realized just how cool this shot was.

Ducky SS

No, that isn’t a gentle shower.  Yes, he’s being hit hard by the water squirting out of the hose – and it’s awesome. It was a humbling lesson in learning to take pictures and an even more humbling lesson in parenting.

I printed off the pictures and used them to decorate around the house.

We had Jello.


We had a photo wall with a raindrop garland backdrop.


And of course the party favor was handmade bath bombs packaged with a little ducky.

bath bombs


I personally don’t use bath bombs because I’m a shower gal, but these were fun to make after I got the recipe down.  The failed bath bombs ended up fizzing up in the kitchen sink, then, because I have all boys, they also ended up fizzing up in the toilet. Presently I’m trying to think up another excuse to make them – they were that fun.

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Oil Lady

As my sister was setting up her new website for her essential oils business it reminded me of the excitement of starting my own business 10 years ago. I had just one pattern at the beginning but the thrill of selling a pattern – it was exhilarating!

I wanted to do something special for her as she was getting all her stuff together and what would be better than a bag with your new company logo on it?

Oils bag

Isn’t it the cutest logo?  Thanks to custom digital printed fabric, she has a one-of-a-kind bag to carry what she needs to teach classes or meet with buyers.  The leather straps don’t hurt either.

Congratulations, Joanna!  Much success to you!

A Lesson In Leather Strap Placement

I’ve been putting a lot of leather straps on bags lately and here is a sample. At first glance, these bags probably look about the same.  Sure, one is bigger, but they use the same fabric and they both have leather straps. The leather really elevates the bag, in my opinion.

The bag below is the first one I made.  Nothing glaringly wrong with it. Except that the straps look funky.  I had momentarily forgotten about my 6-inches-between-the-straps rule.   The leather is bending and warping near where it attaches to the fabric and eventually this bag is going to become misshapen between the straps. Oops.

Jessie leather 1

Lucky for me I had enough fabric for another one!  Made the bag a bit bigger and more importantly, remembered the strap rule and am so happy with it!

Jessie leather 2

Can you see it?  Left = bad.  Right = good!

Jessie leather 3

Gray + lemons + limes + tangerines + leather = very good.





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