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Rubber Ducky You’re the ONE.

I always try to incorporate photography into things that I’m working on because, well, I like photography. So I was planning a baby shower and discovered how very photogenic these rubber duckies were. I ask my son to spray a gentle shower on the ducky with the hose and I immediately felt like he wasn’t doing it right, aiming the water right at the duck’s head so hard that it almost knocked the duck over. *sigh* But then I was scrolling through the shots and realized just how cool this shot was.

Ducky SS

No, that isn’t a gentle shower.  Yes, he’s being hit hard by the water squirting out of the hose – and it’s awesome. It was a humbling lesson in learning to take pictures and an even more humbling lesson in parenting.

I printed off the pictures and used them to decorate around the house.

We had Jello.


We had a photo wall with a raindrop garland backdrop.


And of course the party favor was handmade bath bombs packaged with a little ducky.

bath bombs


I personally don’t use bath bombs because I’m a shower gal, but these were fun to make after I got the recipe down.  The failed bath bombs ended up fizzing up in the kitchen sink, then, because I have all boys, they also ended up fizzing up in the toilet. Presently I’m trying to think up another excuse to make them – they were that fun.

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